Pergo 02620 Accolade Laminate Flooring

By | June 11, 2016

There was a time when the real wood was being used to construct the flooring in homes but today technology has made it possible to experience the same durability and stiffness of real wood floors using wood laminate flooring.  It has brought significant change in tree preservation and helps to prevent mass deforestation.  Laminated flooring has been designed to feel and look like real wood floors while being a cheaper solution for your home or office.  Once you complete the construction of your home or office, you next have to decided on flooring options.  There are a number of manufacturers with and great varieties of laminated flooring.  Never think of installing this laminated flooring in your home or office without professional expertise though.  Hiring someone to install your flooring can insure you do not void any warranty and insure the installation will not have to be redone for years to come.

Pergo 02620 Accolade Laminate FlooringThere are numerous wood laminate flooring manufacturers.  Pergo is one of the leading manufacturers in this field.  They have been producing the high quality wood laminated flooring for several years now.  It will cost anywhere from $2 per sq inch up to $3.20 per sq inch depending on what color you buy and where you buy it.  It comes with attached underlayment that is 2 mm thick.  This flooring is pretty dense at around 8 mm HDF core.  Overall texture is almost identical real wood on your floor.  It is totally scratch resistant and is available in different colors and shades.  You will be pleased to know that manufacturer guarantees that the color and shades will not fade at all.  If you get stains on the floor, you can easily clean the floor with a soft cloth.  Pergo offers a limited warranty 25 years if it is used for residential purposes.

When buying wood laminated flooring there are a ton of different textures available to you.  Some of the textures have been made to resemble rosewood or hardwood and others are manufactured to give an impression of ceramic tiles on your floor.  If you have an old floor in your home you may not even need to strip the old flooring out.  For those who are in the process of renovating your home, implementing wood laminate flooring is a very affordable and inexpensive option for you.  When purchasing flooring remember to keep in mind shipping if you are buying online.  There can be many problems when shipping flooring,  so you should go through the customer reviews.  If you find that most of the reviewers have been complaining about damaged planks due to improper handling or packaging,  it is recommended to find a local retailer of Pergo wood laminate flooring.

When installing Pergo Accolade flooring it is recommended to used an experienced contractor.  Some planks comes with click and lock technology that allows even the least skilled to install the flooring with ease.  Some laminate flooring however is designed to be a bit more affordable and that technology is not incorporated.  Many have indicated that some Pergo laminate flooring can be harder to install for this very reason.

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