Selection Of The Best Laminate Flooring For Your Place – A Comparison

By | June 11, 2016

Wood Laminate Flooring was first used by a Swedish Manufacturing Company.  They were trying to develop an artificial alternate to wood flooring.  They produced it by fixing some layers of plastic and fiberboard together.  During the 80′s and 90′s, wood laminated flooring was revolutionized and several improvements were incorporated for domestic housing, construction, and renovation.

Initially, scanned images were used to make wood laminated flooring planks.  During the early days of its development it used to have odd kinds of natural features like summer growth rings and knots.  Today technology has made it possible to get rid of all these issues.  Now you have a variety with unique colors, shades, styles, and designs developed by many different manufacturers.  Below we will discuss two manufacturers and what they produce through some flooring reviews.

8mm Laminate flooring in Chocolate Maple by Lamton

8mm Laminate in Chocolate Maple by Lamton

Lamton is very famous manufacturer of wood laminated flooring.  Their 8mm Laminate flooring comes in a Chocolate Maple color which is pretty attractive to the eye.  Many people like to install this flooring in their office.  It comes with an angle click locking mechanism that is supposed to be installed over or below the grade.  It is widely being used in both commercial industry and for residential purposes.  The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of 5 years for the commercial usage and 25 years for the residential usage.

8.3mm Laminate Flooring Cherry Brazil Flooring review


“Wood Laminate Flooring Cherry Brazil Floors” is manufactured by Floorboards.  You don’t have to use glue to lock this flooring on your floor as it is made to stick without glue.  It is provided with four sided groove and tongue features.  Mostly this flooring is utilized for residential purposes for which the manufacturer offers a 15 year warranty.  It is available in different colors and designs, so you can select the most appropriate design or color for your home.  The many different colors allows just about anyone to match a color scheme to their home or work place.

There are numerous other manufacturers who are involved in making wood laminated flooring in different unique designs and colors as well.  It is your call which seems most appropriate for you when selecting the manufacturer.  When looking for the best laminate flooring for your place you should make a list of specifications and designs you would like.   Then take this information online and look for some wood laminate flooring reviews.

  • Your Limitations could include

The specific color, design, style, and quality you are looking for.  You must also always keep in mind how much you are willing to spend.

  • Shopping Around

By visiting different outlets of various manufacturers or department stores, you will be able to know that what the current market trends are.  Current style, designs, colors, and shades could all play a major role in what you end up going with.  Wood laminated flooring can help you make your home or office more aesthetically pleasing!  This can lead to more enjoyable nights with friends or even more business at work.

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