CAT³ Poker Launches Revolutionary Meme token first to make Poker platform

By | July 3, 2024

London, UK, July 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CAT³ Poker Introduces Innovative Blockchain Poker Platform: Join, Play, Profit!

CAT³ Poker is a decentralized online poker platform merging poker gaming with community-driven finance, with decentralization and revenue sharing among token holders. CAT³ Poker is a blockchain-based project that aims to facilitate transparent, secure and rewarding services to all its users.

The announcement of this revolutionary online poker platform launch merges the thrill of poker gaming with community-driven finance. Set to revolutionize the industry, CAT³ Poker offers a great opportunity for both investors and players alike.

CAT³ offers community-driven profit-sharing through 100% profit distribution, unique mascot, and branding through CubedCat their lovable mascot, decentralized governance using community voting, and a robust and secure platform backed by blockchain technology.

Investors in CAT³ Poker will become part-owners of the platform, receiving 100% of the profits generated. All holders benefit directly from the successful implementation of this new revolutionary model. As opposed to pump-and-dump schemes or meme coins without utility, CAT³ Poker’s utility is both innovative and beneficial for everyone involved.

Built on blockchain technology, CAT³ Poker delivers transparency as well as security throughout its transactions. This system operates through decentralized governance, enabling token holders to have a say in key decisions and therefore empowering communities more.

The project incorporates a playful and engaging meme element with their mascot, CubeCat. In line with this integration, CAT³ is organizing a meme contest combined with an airdrop event that involves everyone’s participation in earning something for themselves. CubeCat symbolizes the fun and interactive nature of the platform, making it more than just a place to play poker but a community to engage with.

Comprehensive roadmap includes the formation of teams, writing of white papers, and development of platforms followed by strict alpha and beta testing phases. Continuous updates and a strategic global expansion plan ensure that CAT³ Poker remains at the forefront of innovation in the online poker industry.

With tokenomics of 21 million tokens in total supply, the CAT³ token is the lifeblood of the Cat³ Poker ecosystem, designed to provide value, transparency, and engagement to its community. CAT³ Poker presale starts on July 11, 2024. This is a prime opportunity to join the community and invest in a project that promises transparency, security, and continuous growth. Early investors will have the chance to be part of a platform that shares 100% of its profits with its holders.

According to a post on the X handle 5% of the total supply is being used for airdrop and there is an ongoing 1% total supply for airdrop at the moment worth $50k dollars at launch. In addition to the meme contest and airdrop event, CAT³ Poker is committed to fostering a vibrant community. Their plan to host regular events and competitions, encouraging participation and rewarding users for their engagement and creativity was also revealed. Their goal is to build a loyal and enthusiastic user base that grows with them.

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