EarlyGame enhances data visualisation with Bayes Esports and Shadow.GG

By | June 28, 2021

Bayes Esports and Shadow.GG will help EarlyGame to drive user engagement after agreeing to make its esports statistics and data available to the Munich-based esports, gaming and entertainment platform.

The partnership will see Bayes Esports and Shadow.GG support EarlyGame with its data visualisations. 

EarlyGame believes that its increased focus on data visualisations will help “users to understand and engage with the esports content”.

“Through the visualisation of data and statistics of esports (live-) events, we are one step closer to our goal of making esports more suitable for the mainstream,” said Fabian Furch, EarlyGame’s Founder and Managing Director. 

Through Bayes Esports’ exclusive partnerships with Riot Games, ESL, Dreamhack Beyond the Summit and OGA, it can “distribute official live data directly from the source”. 

Last week,  EarlyGame opened up to both private and institutional investors to boost the company’s growth even further. 

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