ESIC adds Ultimate Tournament to Anti-Corruption programme

By | July 1, 2021

Esports betting operator Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook has joined the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) as an  Anti-Corruption Supporter.

In joining the programme, Ultimate Tournament will assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity across their betting platform, endorsing ESIC’s greater effort against match-fixing and betting fraud within the esports betting industry.

Anti-Corruption Supporters work closely with ESIC to provide information needed for initiating and conducting investigations on match fixing and betting fraud.

“Esports is undeniably a rapidly growing industry and, as a US based gaming operator,  match integrity and customer protection are of the highest concern for us,” said Alex Pickett, Co-Founder and CEO of Ultimate Tournament.

“In order for esports to grow, and for users to have the safe experience they deserve, we believe it is imperative to work together as an industry to set a standard for fair play, and to enforce those standards universally. We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with ESIC and join the fight against match fraud and help push esports to the next level!”

Launched as an esports betting platform that enables commercial gambling operators to offer esports betting to customers, Ultimate Tournament provides advanced odds data covering more than 3,000 matches sourced from 40,000 markets and 100,000 selections per month.

Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, remarked: “We are happy to welcome Ultimate Tournament as an Anti-Corruption Supporter of ESIC. Our anti-corruption supporters play an important role in our mission to deter cheating and fraudulent activity within betting.

“By joining ESIC, Ultimate Tournament has displayed its commitment to playing its part in maintaining the integrity of esports. We look forward to working with Ultimate Tournament to investigate suspicious betting activity, and curb cheating  and betting fraud within esports.”

Earlier in April, ESIC named Oddin to its ranks as an Anti-Corruption Supporter, with the Czech betting software provider backing the Commission’s efforts to protect pro-esports against match-fixing and manipulation.

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