Kindred Group’s 32Red goes live with Fast Track platform

By | June 22, 2021

Kindred Group’s 32Red, one of the most recognisable online casino brands in the UK, is now live with a bespoke version of the Fast Track CRM platform. 

The primary goal of the partnership was for 32Red to achieve greater flexibility for its player engagement campaigns, and with less manual labour.

Needing an enhanced segmentation model beyond the standard integration, through Fast Track it now has access to over 400 data points to define each of its segments.

This data is now being used to automate the display of relevant, dynamic content in their emails, and create a personalised experience at scale.

Mike Kirwan, Head of UK Customer Marketing at Kindred Group, said: “Fast Track’s flexibility has allowed us to build the platform we needed to execute on our vision for player engagement. 

“We are looking forward to making use of all the capabilities and customisations we have worked on with the Fast Track team, as well as continuing to collaborate on new ideas and features.”

Jean-Luc Ferriere, CCO of Fast Track, added: “We see any new integration as a collaboration between us and our new partner. Working with 32Red has been a great example of how that strong sense of partnership can benefit everyone involved. 

“We have been really impressed by the creative-thinking that has shaped their implementation, and it has been fantastic to work with the 32Red team so far.”

Fast Track explained that the two companies worked together to build the bespoke platform, conducting a series of in-depth workshops – as well as ongoing discussion and ideation – to ensure that the 32Red team had the right foundation to implement the ‘next generation of player engagement’.

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