Martin Huber: A ‘Beidfüßig’ approach to content

By | July 9, 2021

Selecting a name which fully encompasses the content of a show can sometimes be tricky, however in this month’s Better Collective Spotlight, Martin Huber explained that the name Beidfüßig was a perfect reflection of what bettors can expect.

Speaking to SBC News, Huber – who is the head of the DACH region at Better Collective – discusses the way in which the Beidfüßig is creating a space for bettors to interact with one another before discussing how social media, expert insights and quality content is helping drive engagement.

SBC: What is the meaning behind the name of the show, Beidfüßig? 

MH: When translated to English, it means “Both feet”, which is an expression in German used for a player who has the ability to shoot very well with both of his feet. 

Our co-host, Andreas Brehme, is known for his great shooting skills with both of his feet, and on top of that, our other host’s last name, Carsten Fuss, means Foot in German, so Beidfüßig seemed like the perfect choice for the name of our show. 

Also, the ability to shoot with both feet, stands for talent, stability and safety which perfectly represent our values in the BC/Wettbasis editorial team.

SBC: First of all, can you tell us a little bit about the Beidfüßig show – what can we expect? 

MH: The viewers can expect mainly great expertise in betting and football, but also great stories and exclusive insights from our co-host, Andreas Brehme, who is best known for scoring the winning goal for the German national team at the 1990 FIFA World Cup final  against Argentina, as well as other famous guests. 

Fans who are nostalgic will certainly enjoy discussions about the behind the scenes secrets and dynamics of the teams during a major tournament. And the tips from Beidfüßig can’t be gotten anywhere else! 

Since the show started before the Euros, at first we focused mainly on Germany and its run in the tournament, but after its elimination we kept the discussion going and talked about all K.o. stage fixtures, which was elevated by visits from legendary players, including ex-Liverpool player, John Barnes. 

SBC: How do you use the show to interact with your followers?

MH: We have always considered reviving our social media channels, and the show gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. For a long time, we wanted to expose Wettbasis to our users, share our values, and to show our users that we have a great team of sports experts, data researchers and we deliver good journalism and expertise on betting. 

Wettbasis has been on the market since 2002, and we believe that we are a trustworthy brand that delivers quality content that creates value for our users. Specifically for the purpose of an increased interaction, we promoted a hashtag called #fragbrehme (#askbrehme) across our channels, which allowed the fans to raise their questions for Brehme in our comment sections, and these questions were then answered on the show. 

SBC: You’ve had an array of footballers as guests for the show, not to mention Andreas Brehme as your co-host. What role has these insights from professional footballers played in driving betting engagement?

MH: Although we have great tips and data on the site, neither can provide the same qualitative content like the guests and their exclusive insights. They can provide information that is usually not accessible, and also they add an international flair to the show since we have had guests from all over the world. 

We also believe that having many different points of view adds to the trustworthiness and objectivity of the show.

SBC: How has the show helped the Better Collective Group to strengthen its presence in the German market?

MH: We wanted to revive our social media channels with a boom, and we put a lot of effort into creating a show that would grab the attention of the fans who have so much content to choose from these days. 

We believe that the star guests will help us to reach the level which can help us to grow organically later on. As of now, we are watching the growth and we are excited about all the new people that the show has reached so far. 

SBC: And finally, Gen Z and millennials have become a core demographic for many betting companies – especially when it comes to anything digital. How has this audience, if at all, influenced your content strategy? Has video content become more important?

MH: Of course, Gen Z and millennials are segments that we want to reach, and in order to do that, we have to constantly learn and adjust – it is inevitable. Their consumer behaviour differs from the past generations, and we are trying to adapt our strategy with that in mind – video content is obviously a great way of reaching this generation. 

Gen Z and millennials love to interact, discuss their tips, and they appreciate interaction not only between each other, but from our side as well, so with Beidfüßig, we tried to create a space where this interaction can happen. 

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