Matt Shaddick ends 18-year reign as Ladbrokes Politics guru 

By | June 17, 2021

Posting an update via Linkedin, Ladbrokes’ Matt Shaddick has confirmed that he has ended his 18-year stint as the bookmaker’s lead political markets analyst. 

Shaddick, who joined Ladbrokes in 2007 as sportsbook executive, thanked “the many fantastic people” who had helped establish and support Ladbrokes Politics as a key market offering of the heritage bookmaker.

Announcing his departure, Shaddick detailed that he is working on “an exciting new project to move on to, but I can’t talk about that just yet!”. 

Recognised as betting’s leading man for objective political market insights and analysis, Shaddick led Ladbrokes trading teams through the challenging pricing of Brexit and US Election markets of 2016.

Last year, Shaddick’s analysis was at the forefront of the betting industry tracking the rollercoaster events of pricing the Trump vs Biden US 2020 Election – an event that surpassed the $1 billion wagering mark, breaking all previous staking records.

The success of Shaddick’s work is reflected by Ladbrokes maintaining some of the deepest coverage and odds of political betting markets – treating politics as a core sportsbook discipline whilst other bookmakers have strayed from the market.

Always available to comment, Shaddick has served as a key contributor of SBC’s ‘Bookies Corner – providing expert opinions and insights on politics and entertainment markets for industry employees and the general public.

(image provided by Ladbrokes / Entain)

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