Racing Stars launches racing’s fairest fantasy pools product   

By | June 14, 2021

Newly licensed Racing Stars has launched its new MVP fantasy racing product to coincide with this week’s Royal Ascot festival (15-19 June).

Co-founded by the Norfolk enterprise team of Steve Evans (MD), Danny Williams and Nathan Thompson, has branded itself as “the first-ever fantasy league betting platform based on real races and real prizes”. 

MVP players can buy tokens to participate in fantasy pools tracking real races, for which the starting odds have been converted to points in order to maximise engagement and level the competition of each race held.

The founding team shared that MVP’s unique fantasy concept was created to ‘crack the balance between responsible gambling and entertainment’.

Providing its participants with fair-play safeguards, the MVP fantasy platform features ‘set spend’ and ‘minimal bet’ functionalities for its race pools.

The company said: “A bigger spender with more funds doesn’t have any advantage over a punter with just a pocket full of coins. It is impossible to spend more on it than you can afford! 

“Moreover, because this bet lasts for the whole day of racing – and you have the chance to win right until the last race finishes, there is no need to chase your losses!”

Placing fairness and customer safety at the heart of its product development, revealed that it had completed an oversubscribed funding round to help launch its initial product.  

The platform has been designed so that, should the fantasy racing concept prove popular with audiences, there is the option to cross over into other sports such as Formula 1 and greyhound racing.

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