Sabine Müller: Building GAMOMAT’s momentum and breaking new ground

By | July 15, 2021

GAMOMAT’s innovative and creative power drives the business, according to Sabine Müller – Chief Design Officer – as she explained how the company is inspiring players across a range of markets. 

Speaking to SBC News, Müller touched upon GAMOMAT’s sponsorship of upcoming SBC events while also highlighting how the “Books &” series continues with new ideas to drive player engagementLava

SBC: GAMOMAT has recently released two new titles: Lava Lions and Monkey Mania. Can you talk us through the development of these games? What was the thought process behind them?

Our ambition with these two game releases was to expand our portfolio with new animal-themed titles that would be an instant hit with classic casino slot lovers. Lava Lions and Monkey Mania are packed with popular, well-known symbols and complemented perfectly with classic diamonds, the royals and stacked wilds.

The 5×3 reel slot designs are hugely popular thanks to their ease of play and quickness to understand the key elements to the game. They are the true classic reel layout for gaming enthusiasts.

In keeping with our own high standards for successful classic games, we created both titles with a modern design and atmospheric music that immediately immerse you in their world. Our usual precise timing, easy comprehensibility and ability to earn free spins in full frames make these games ideal for classic casino slot lovers. Of course, on top of this is the much-loved gamble feature where players can enjoy the card gamble and risk ladder, a double or quits game.

SBC: In the next few months, do you have any new titles which you can give us a sneak peek of?

One title we’re particularly excited about is the upcoming Books & Bounties game that is due for release towards the end of August. Our ‘Books &’ series has been an outstanding success story where we have brought together the well-known books concepts with a fresh theme each time. Books & Bounties is the latest in this series and now includes the collect feature. 

Here we have developed an exciting story around Cadoc, a brave adventurer who must hunt giant lizards, snarling wolves, hydras and winged lions. In the Bounty Feature, players come up against various monsters who are represented as symbols to earn added chances of winning.

We are especially proud of the extraordinary work of our game designers and artists who have created this fantastic game environment with magnificent monsters and the collect-feature, rounded off by elaborate animations and absorbing music. We are looking forward to seeing the reception from our players. And for those who dare, there is a legendary Bounty to collect.

SBC: Looking forward to the remainder of 2021 to the next months, what can our readers expect from GAMOMAT?

The company’s innovative and creative power drives our business and will inspire players across a range of new markets. There are some new standout games in the making that incorporate several engaging features to reflect the respective local gaming preferences and interests.

GAMOMAT’s flexibility has produced a plethora of attractive game concepts over the last 13 years. The team is very excited to meet the demands of different local preferences and to keep on delighting a loyal clientele with new features for the future. 

SBC: You’ve got plans to sponsor the upcoming CasinoBeats Summit, SBC Summit Barcelona, SBC Summit Latinoamerica and SBC Summit North America – can you tell us a little bit why the company wishes to be part of the event?

We are very pleased to be a sponsor at SBC for the first time and be able to increase our presence and brand visibility. Our Partnership team will be present at all the summits to provide expert advice to any interested parties. They are looking forward to insightful discussions with current and potential partners, while simultaneously enjoying the exciting presentations.

SBC: How will these sponsorships help populariSe the GAMOMAT brand across international markets?

At the beginning of 2020, we undertook a complete reorientation of the brand with redesign, relaunch and brand positioning. This was an important step for us to prepare for international markets.

The results have shown we made the right decisions and delivered the project superbly. In June, GAMOMAT came out on top in two categories at the prestigious German Brand Award ceremony in Berlin. We were honoured for our consistent brand management and effective brand communication. For us, this was the proof that as a brand and game developer we can inspire gamers in new markets and continents.

Our next stage of the journey is to build on the momentum to greatly increase our presence and visibility. Being a sponsor for multiple SBC events plays a key role in that strategy. We are looking forward to the SBC Summits in Barcelona and North America with great interest and hope for inspiring conversations and meetings.

We are confident that we will be perceived as a highly experienced brand and game developer across the international environment. Through the successful market support in Spain and Portugal, we’re sure of our ability to engage with gaming enthusiasts in Central and South America with a very strong entertainment experience; hence our participation in the SBC Summit in Mexico.

SBC: Can you tell us a little bit about the Great Place to Work award and its impact?

The Great Place to Work award was positive recognition of our corporate culture. It is a highly reputable and international institute, so the award was a real honour. The certification is taken very seriously by anyone entering as it is well renowned and a thorough entry process.

This award has been invaluable for enhancing the employer brand, in particular when communicating to people outside of the business.  As part of its strong growth, GAMOMAT has been able to recruit some standout talent thanks to our value-oriented corporate culture, which has now become more visible to the brightest talent in the industry.

SBC: How important is maintaining a sense of workplace culture at a time when so many of us have been working from home?

Workplace culture is the foundation for any successful business. GAMOMAT places huge importance on culture and leadership plays a significant role in maintaining the mental wellbeing of our employees.

This pandemic has emphasized the importance of establishing a healthy corporate culture through consistently hiring the right people, especially the right managers. These managers connect the team, ensure employee engagement, happiness and productivity – especially key when face-to-face interactions have been starved. 

A sign of strong leadership is the ability to demonstrate predictable behaviours and being able to communicate ideas with clarity – especially when delivering constructive feedback. The best workplace cultures build around trust and avoiding dominating through micro-management.

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