SOFTSWISS Sportsbook links with PowerCasino to expand third-party portfolio

By | July 1, 2021

SOFTSWISS has secured its first Sportsbook agreement with a firm not already running on its Online Casino Platform, powering a new sports betting experience for the PowerCasino brand.

As a result of the deal, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook will provide a range of sports betting products to PowerSport players, enabling the latter’s customers to place wagers on 10,000 live events covering 70 different sports and over 1,200 betting markets.

Lauding the third-party platform integration as a ‘significant milestone’ for its Sportsbook products growth, SOFTSWISS has stated that its goal is to continue ‘breaking new ground and establishing itself in the global arena’.

Launched on 18 June ahead of the 2021 Wimbledon Championship, the deal was completed via API in under one month, and will see PowerCasino incorporate the standard SOFTSWISS Sportsbook package, including some of its more recent additional features such as Free Bets and Comboboost.

“We are euphoric to introduce Sportsbook’s very first client outside of the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform – PowerSport – who will help us to further expand our business partner network,” said Aleksander Kamenetskyi, Sportsbook Product Owner.

“The integration with a third-party platform client is a gigantic step forward, which will help us strengthen Sportsbook’s global positioning on the market. In the coming months of 2021, we expect Sportsbook to generate massive brand growth as well as expand into new exciting territories. Stay tuned!”.

Launched in December 2020, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook platform has shown ‘asthoning results’ in its short run time, having been utilised by a range of brands in the betting and igaming space operating on the firm’s Online Casino Platform, having been most recently leveraged by N1Bet.

In addition, the announcement of the new agreement coincides with SOFTSWISS’ rebranding from its original ‘SoftSwiss’ commercial identity, conducted to represent the firm’s ‘current position on the market’ as it continues to expand its client base and global presence.

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