STS drives international growth with TGLab deal

By | June 22, 2021

STS is utilising the Player Account Management system (PAM) from TGLab to support the relaunch of, as well as delivering growth in key international markets.

One such key market is the UK, the operator’s largest outside of Poland, where migration to the TGLab platform will “improve the efficiency and quality of the gaming experience offered to the UK clients of the STS Gaming Group on”.

When debuting overseas two years ago, STS management strategically decided to launch a separate website for the UK market ( while the global website ( was still in the development stage. 

Migrating both websites onto a new TGLab’s platform now is, therefore, another step towards the implementation of its international strategy of expansion for STS into foreign markets.

Ugnius Simelionis, TGLab CEO, said: “We at TG Lab always strive to serve each customer more, localise their products, implement bespoke solutions. So, it was a perfect match with STS Gaming Group. 

“This company cares a lot about the highest standard product – not only for players, but also their team members. TGLab’s new back office platform allows all teams in the gaming business to have the most efficient working environment, which is a key factor for them to deliver growth and success for the business.”

STS stressed that TGLab will provide it with “better and more effective tools” for acquiring new players and retaining existing players of both the and services.

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