2023 Blackjack Wishes

By | January 3, 2023

There are so many things we could wish for when it comes to blackjack. Since it’s a new year, I’ll share some personal wishes.

Since we’re based in Las Vegas, the list will be influenced by the market. That said, there’s more than Las Vegas when it comes to blackjack games.

Blackjack is one of the few casino games a player can find an advantage over the casino. However, there are plenty of factors around the game that could be better for players. This starts with blackjack rules.

More 3:2 Blackjack On The Vegas Strip

The vast majority of blackjack games under $25 on the Vegas Strip pay 6:5 for a natural blackjack instead of the traditional 3:2. Playing blackjack on the Vegas Strip over time is a money-losing proposition.

Low and mid-rollers who like me would love to play more blackjack in the most touristy part of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the games available under $25 at the more popular casinos for visitors are largely unplayable.

I play almost exclusively Pai Gow Poker on the Vegas Strip. The money lasts longer due to the number of pushes. It’s really the best gambling value for the buck on the Vegas Strip.

There’s a chance that the Vegas Strip could see more 3:2 blackjack in 2023. Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) is supposed to bring back better gambling rules and odds. Caesars doesn’t always live up to their promises but ya never know. Maybe Horseshoe will come through with better gaming conditions.

Fontainebleau will open near the Sahara later in the year. Bally’s (Tropicana) and Hard Rock (Mirage) could improve gaming conditions as well.

This may be a long shot but we can wish!

Continued Fair Blackjack Rules Away From The Vegas Strip

Blackjack players can find fair games all over the country. Pennsylvania may have the best blackjack rules available to guests on the main casino floor.

There are even fair blackjack games in Las Vegas once you leave the main tourist corridor. Similar to tourist traps like Times Square in New York City, the Vegas Strip has higher prices for everything. That includes gambling.

The regional markets and off-strip casinos in Las Vegas are like feeder markets and properties for tourists looking to visit Las Vegas. It would be great to see fair blackjack games continuing around the country.

New Blackjack Environments

One of the best parts about legal sports betting being available around the country is casinos are adding blackjack tables with a view of sports.

The majority of party pits around the country have closed. Casinos are getting a little less interesting as Electronic Table Games  (ETGs) and stadium games are added.

Blackjack should be a fun game. It would be great to see more fun environments to play blackjack.

A few years ago, The Linq in Las Vegas had a handful of tables near a craft beer bar. These tables had access to beer not available anywhere else in the casino or Las Vegas.

Sadly, this idea and the great bar didn’t last long. More ideas like this would be great.

Outdoor blackjack isn’t available in enough casinos in Las Vegas or around the country. This is a great example of an easy, fun environment for blackjack players.

Hopefully, there’s more outdoor gambling as the temperatures heat up.

New And Compelling Blackjack Variants

There are new blackjack variants tested in casinos throughout the year. Unfortunately, most of these alternative blackjack games don’t last.

The games are either aren’t fun for players or the house edge is too low for casinos. Free Bet blackjack is one of the few blackjack variants available at casinos around the country.

Most recreational blackjack players are just looking for a fun game of 21 that involves some kind of skill.  Casinos are always looking to enhance their bottom line.

There has to be a fair point in the middle. It would be nice to find a new way to play a live dealer blackjack game.

New Machine Blackjack Games

ETGs and stadium gaming installations are in casinos all over the country. While they’re new to some players, those of us who gamble often could use something new when playing these games.

I’m not a game developer so I’m not sure what’s possible. The game variations can be within existing machines or entirely new concepts altogether.

A few years ago I saw a slot/video poker machine that had a small part of the screen showing TV so players could watch the games while playing.

Distractions aren’t good when gambling but it was nice being able to keep an eye on the score of a game I had money on.

IGT’s Peak BarTop with sports betting is a traditional bartop multi-game machine with blackjack where players can also wager on sports. This is one advancement for a bartop machine but it would be nice to see something new in the ETGs and stadium games for blackjack players.

I didn’t see any blackjack innovations at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) so we’ll probably have this wish for a little while longer.

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