A Few Easy Tips To Become A Better Blackjack Player

By | October 25, 2021

It becomes more difficult to play blackjack as a profession or even as a side hustle. Casinos are changing the rules often. The changes are to the point where it’s nearly impossible to find a great blackjack game where perfect basic strategy and card counting will flip the advantage to the player.

If a player finds a great game it’s usually difficult to make the right sized wagers so that it’s even possible to play blackjack for a living. Having said that, it’s not totally impossible to make a living exclusively playing blackjack games but it isn’t easy.

A very small portion of blackjack players will ever fit into the pro blackjack player category. Saying 5% of blackjack players make a living on the game might be an exaggeration. With this in mind, we like to take the best tips to make money playing blackjack in casinos and open it up to recreational blackjack players.

Learning how to play blackjack with nearly perfect skill is a great way to extend a bankroll when visiting a casino. This should lead to longer blackjack sessions using the same amount of money. Additionally, a lower house edge for the casino should allow a player to have more winning sessions.

Fun and possibly winning money is why the vast majority of people visit casinos. Doing a little homework on maximizing the casino experience never hurt anyone.

Here are a few easy blackjack tips to help a player either have more fun playing and/or possibly walk away as a winner more often:

Perfect Card Counting And Basic Strategies

Practice and perfect card counting and basic strategy before risking money in the casino. There’s no good reason to start practicing with money on the line. This can and should be done without money on the line.

The house edge for the casino is based on players using perfect basic strategy. Every error increases the advantage for the casino. To put it bluntly, not knowing the perfect basic strategy increases the house edge for the casino. The casino already has an advantage and there’s no reason to help them.

Perfect basic strategy will keep the house edge in line but the casino will always have the edge. Understanding correct card counting and bet spreading call allow a player to move the advantage to their side.

Find The Best Game

Obviously, finding the best blackjack game with player-friendly rules is the first tip. This may not be so easy. Finding the best 3:2 blackjack game is a must for players who want the very best chance to leave the casino as a winner.

While this is a basic tip, even finding the best 6:5 blackjack table with better rules than all others in a casino will help recreational players get the most out of their bankroll.

Focus on specific situations

Practicing basic strategy and card counting before visiting a casino should help create a better blackjack experience. Most players aren’t perfect all of the time for a variety of reasons.

One way to become a better blackjack player is to remember which strategic plays they get wrong frequently and study those specific hands.

My basic strategy knowledge is about 95%. My play isn’t perfect but I want it to be. I’m always finding ways to try to get to 100%. Not drinking while playing blackjack might help but that doesn’t happen often.

Thankfully, I have this outlet to think about which hands I play wrong. It’s been a few years since I wrote about avoiding certain basic strategy mistakes. I no longer make these mistakes after years of focusing on these hands.

Basic strategy isn’t difficult to learn. Finding ways to find how you play will only help make a better blackjack player. Playing with the perfect basic strategy should lead to more fun in the casino.

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