Caesars Palace Entrance And Casino Renovations

By | September 3, 2021

We recently brought up renovations at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas when discussing how machine games are occupying more space in casinos. Today we’ll look at these renovations that will touch the entrance and casino floor.

Caesars Entertainment is upgrading the original main entrance to its flagship Las Vegas casino, Caesars Palace. The main casino and porte-cochère are being redesigned to create an extravagant entryway. Caesars is also redesigning gaming areas and creating a new lobby bar.

The multimillion-dollar renovation of the original main entrance is already underway. Construction is set to be complete by New Year’s Eve. Let’s take a look at the changes that are beginning before you even walk into Caesars Palace

Entering Caesars Palace

The main entrance to Caesars Palace will be entirely rebuilt from the ground up. The changes will result in an arrival experience that is “fit for a Caesar.” (It’s always nice when a company can slide a slogan into its press releases.)

The renovations should help match the glamour of the property’s iconic hotel lobby. Caesar Palace is a classic casino but kind of a hodgepodge of design and aesthetics from so many expansions over the years.

Once the renovations are completed, guests will be welcomed by a dramatic and soaring dome and barreled ceiling over a stunning 15-foot tall statue of Augustus Caesar.

“Caesars Palace brought a sense of grandeur to the Las Vegas Strip when it was built in 1966, and we’re proud to continue that legacy with a full reimagining of our main entrance,” said Sean McBurney, Caesars Entertainment Regional President. “Completely rebuilding the front entrance of one of the world’s most iconic destinations is no small task, and we’re excited to get started and create a stunning new visual welcome for our guests.”

Changes for visitors entering Caesars Palace

Construction at Caesars Palace is expected to take place until the end of year holidays. In the meantime visitors will have to deal with the following changes:

  • Main valet off Las Vegas Blvd. will accommodate Caesars Rewards Diamond and Seven Star members only
  • The Colosseum valet (ground floor of the Caesars Palace self-parking garage off Frank Sinatra Drive) will accommodate all valet guests
  • Rideshare pick-up and drop-off will be relocated to the exit doors next to Vanderpump Cocktail Garden
  • Express hotel check-in/check-out kiosks will be placed at all available entrances

Caesars Palace already has plenty of hotel check-in kiosks located near all of the entrances. While this may not be the preferred way to get a room, the self-check-in kiosks could give guests more time to enjoy Las Vegas.

The kiosks could cut down on the long walk through this massive casino resort. Most of the hotel towers at Caesars Palace are located in between the parking garage and Colosseum valet and the regular hotel lobby.

Checking into a room at a kiosk can probably save a few hundred steps wandering through the casino with luggage. Less time waiting to check-in and walk to a room means more time enjoying Las Vegas!

Casino Floor Changes

The Caesars Palace renovation project also includes two new state-of-the-art gaming pits. These will flank both sides of the renovated enhanced entrance. Caesars is also renovating the property’s classic domed table games floor.

The state-of-the-art gaming pits at Caesars Palace will be similar to the changes already underway at the company’s other Las Vegas properties.

The new space will feature electronic table games (ETGs). Specific games won’t be revealed until the renovations near completion in December. I don’t expect we’ll see a large profile Stadium Gaming installation in this part of the casino.

I expect do to see ETGs that resemble traditional table games. These will be similar six-player blackjack games that exist in casinos already. Maybe the company will sprinkle in some of those adorable single-player ETGs too.

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