Checking Out The Blackjack Side Bets Near The New Caesars Palace Entrance

By | March 11, 2022

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation of its lobby. While the main focus was creating a grand entrance there are also some updates to the gaming space.

Some of the changes include the addition of live blackjack games in the new walkways. The blackjack tables in this area include three different side bets.

In addition to placing a bet for the main game, players can also wager on the optional Tri Lux Bonus, EZ Bust, or Kings Bounty side bets.

Caesars Palace isn’t known as a casino for good cheap blackjack games under $25. This isn’t a surprise. Most casinos on the Vegas Strip offer similar 6:5 blackjack games under $25.

It seems as though most 3:2 blackjack games on the Vegas Strip are in the high limit rooms but that’s not the case for all. According to Vegas Advantage, Caesars Palace is one of the casinos in the main tourist corridor of Las Vegas that offer 3:2 blackjack with a minimum bet of $25.

Side bets may not all be sucker bets but they aren’t good bets. They all have some kind of negative expected value that increases the house edge for the casino.

Having said that, recreational gamblers enjoy having a little extra action during the game. For some players, adding a few percentage points to the house in exchange for a little more fun is worth the money.

The three side bets at Caesars Palace have been around for a while so they must be popular. Let’s see how they work.

Tri Lux Bonus

The Tri Lux Bonus blackjack side bet is similar to some others available in Las Vegas and around the country. This side bet involves the first two cards dealt to a player along with the dealer’s upcard.

The bet pays for four different hands similar to Three Card Poker. If this sounds familiar, the 21+3 side bet is a similar offering.

There are different paytables for the Tri Lux Bonus bet so this may be different at other casinos. Here’s the paytable for Caesars Palace:

  • Straight Flush: 30-1
  • Three Of A Kind: 20-1
  • Straight: 10-1
  • Flush: 5-1

Surprisingly, the Tri Lux Bonus side bet at Caesars Palace bet pays players better than Jack Casino in Ohio.

EZ Bust

EZ Bust is an in-game side bet that a player can make after the cards are dealt. This is different than most side bets that require a player to commit before the cards are dealt.

Many people play side bets because of the extra action and potential to win a large payout. EZ Bust is one of the more boring blackjack side bets available as it pays even money.

Here’s how the EZ Bust side bet works. If the dealer shows an upcard between 2 to 6 a player can make an EZ Bust bet. If the dealer busts, the player wins even money. It’s that simple.

Kings Bounty

The King’s Bounty side bet has more payouts available to the player than the others available at Caesars Palace. This side bet also has dealer envy to the person dishing the cards to players is also paid when the player wins.

This is another side bet that is reconciled before the hand is played. Most winning hands only require the first two cards that a player receives. The largest win is the only one that involves the dealer’s cards.

A player wins the Kings Bounty side bet if the cards dealt equal 20. The top prize is paid if the player receives two (2) Kings of spades AND the dealer has blackjack.

At Caesars Palace, the player wins 500-1 for this hand. The dealer also receives a cool $100. The paytable below shows how different hands will pay.

  • Two Kings of Spades + Dealer Blackjack: Player wins 500-1, Dealer wins $100
  • Two Kings of Spades (no dealer blackjack): Player wins 100-1, Dealer wins $25
  • Two Suited Kings: Player wins 50-1, Dealer wins $10
  • Two Suited 10s, Jacks, Queens: Player wins 20-1, Dealer wins $5
  • Suited 20: Player wins 8-1, Dealer wins $2
  • Two Kings: Player wins 5-1, Dealer wins $1
  • Non-Suited 20: Player wins 4-1, Dealer doesn’t win

Similar to the Tri Lux Bonus side bet there may be different paytables at other casinos. These side bets have a fairly large house edge. Approach with caution.

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