Choosing Where To Play Blackjack May Not Be As Simple As You Think

By | September 29, 2021

This website has a lot of educational information to learn how to play blackjack. The knowledge is useful for many reasons. Most importantly, playing blackjack games using the correct basic strategy or counting cards will help maximize your fun when playing blackjack.

Lowering the house edge for the casino should help a player lose less money, lose slower or maybe even win. This should also allow a player to spend more time playing, drinking, and/or socializing. There’s no downside to learning to play better blackjack.

What’s the goal?

Having the tools to play a good blackjack game is the first step. After all, knowledge is power. The next step is to find the blackjack experience that meets your needs. This begins before even visiting a casino.

What is the goal of playing blackjack? While all blackjack players want to win, that’s not the only goal for everyone. If money is the sole reason for playing blackjack, a player can just use their skill and find the casino with the best games.

The location and environment are less important for this player. That’s fine since they will just play the best game available and move on.

I wish it was so simple for everyone. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

Location, location, location

The majority of recreational blackjack players just want to sit down and gamble – regardless of the rules. Hopefully, this player has learned how to minimize the house edge so that playing 6:5 blackjack won’t annihilate their bankroll…right away. We all know this isn’t the best blackjack game but minimizing the house edge still helps a little.

Caring about the location inside and outside of the casino complicates the process a little. If a blackjack player is in New York City, they’re close to equidistant from Atlantic City and Connecticut casinos. In Las Vegas, we can choose from the Vegas Strip, downtown, or the suburbs.

Even inside the casino matters. Some players enjoy the quiet table in the corner with the good blackjack rules. Plenty of others want to be in the middle of the action and don’t mind playing a game with less than stellar blackjack rules.

Think about where to play and find what’s best for you.

Finding the right casino for everyone

For many recreational blackjack players, winning and having a good time with friends are equal. A mix of the best blackjack rules, location, atmosphere, and affordable minimum bet is the goal. Unfortunately, there aren’t many casinos that offer the best of everything.

This is a personal challenge for me as a sharp recreational player. I usually only play blackjack with friends. We enjoy drinking and socializing as much as winning. While they might not care about the rules it’s impossible for me to shut that part of the brain off.

Being in Las Vegas, I have to find a combination of rules and an environment that meets the needs of everyone. There are options that offer some but not everything for all people. While there are many casinos around town with good blackjack games, not everyone wants to visit those casinos – especially if they only have 24 or 48 hours in town.

There’s usually some give and take but in the end, location and atmosphere are usually the priority for vacationing blackjack players.

Maximizing rewards

Not all casino rewards programs offer the same points to blackjack players as they do slot machine players. While not optimal, that’s okay.

Many times playing blackjack is part of a night out which may include dinner, drinks, and a show. Using a rewards card for these expenses is a way to earn credits and status before or after gambling.

This is probably not the first thing recreational blackjack players are considering but why not take advantage of the opportunity? When there’s a will to earn points, there’s usually a way. This is another thing to consider when choosing a casino to visit to play blackjack.

We all have different tastes. That’s what makes the world go round. Understanding preferences and preparing a little before a visit to the casino can make the experience better than ever.


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