Remembering Blackjack Is Fun

By | August 27, 2021

My moods on casino games change with the wind. For example, while I’ve always loved craps, I’m rarely in the mood to play it anymore. Count that up to a streak of bad sessions and general laziness.

On the flip side, I’ve never enjoyed Pai Gow Poker as much as I do today. The game has such a slow pace that it’s easy to enjoy too many adult beverages. This makes Pai Gow Poker a fun low-key social game.

I’ve been most moody about playing blackjack over the years. It’s a game I enjoy but have never loved blackjack. My mood for playing blackjack is up and down and really dependent on the people I’m with. Over the years I’ve played so much blackjack because my friends love the game.

My torrid off and on relationship with blackjack was recently rekindled thanks to a couple of fun sessions.

I always look for the best blackjack games with a low house edge. However, life doesn’t always bring me to the casinos that offer great blackjack. I’m always partial to blackjack games with fair rules but I’ll play games that are convenient. I recently had a great time playing both good and bad blackjack games in Las Vegas recently.

Blackjack At The D Las Vegas

I met a friend at The D in downtown Las Vegas for a couple of drinks, a delicious steak at Andiamo, and some gambling.

We played about a shoe of blackjack at The D and had an amazing 20-30 minute run on this 3:2 game with a $15 minimum bet. I don’t think anyone at the table had a losing session. I only finished up a few bucks but the table was an absolute blast.

The camaraderie at a blackjack table is unlike most table games in the casino. There’s a different vibe due to basic strategy. There’s an interesting and fun bond when all of the players at the table know how to play using the correct basic strategy.

Players connect on something as simple as correctly hitting a soft 18 against a dealer 10 and other tricky moves for players who don’t know basic strategy. Blackjack is one of the few games of skill in casinos. Nothing can get of the middle of game recognizing game.

Players dishing out incorrect advice gives the table the exact opposite vibe. These players can make blackjack a painful game. Thankfully, unskilled players haven’t been a problem lately.

Blackjack at The Cosmopolitan

I spent a few days at the Cosmopolitan on the Vegas Strip with a friend visiting recently. One afternoon we strolled down to the casino with the goal of playing blackjack and nothing else. We found a low table with no other players and sat down to play. This session lasted at least an hour.

This was a 6:5 blackjack game with a $25 minimum bet. There were no cheaper games at the casino that day. I only give a 6:5 blackjack game a few dollars that I’m willing to set on fire. That eight-hand buy-in lasted at least an hour thanks to timely double downs and using proper strategy.

My basic strategy was a bit rusty at the time so I’m sure I missed a few correct plays. However, I was the only person playing remotely close to correctly. Players joined my friend and me but all busted quickly no matter the size of their bankroll.

I doubled my money at one point and eventually left close to even. Winning gambling sessions are usually the most fun but that’s not always the case. One of the fun parts of blackjack can be the ebbs and flows of the bankroll.

I was down, then up, then even, then we went to Sangria Hour at Jaleo and that completed a very fun afternoon and evening in Las Vegas. We had a blast even though this wasn’t a profitable gambling session. A good dealer and friends can make any blackjack session a fun one.

Winning in the casino is great but so are good times with good friends. I’m glad to have blackjack back in my life again.

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