Resorts World Las Vegas Blackjack And Cashless Gaming

By | July 7, 2021

Resorts World Las Vegas recently opened and offers the types of blackjack games we expected. The casino also offers types of cashless gaming that aren’t available anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas Blackjack Games

Resorts World has a total of 117 table games. It also has no less than three high limit gaming rooms. The blackjack games are pretty much what we thought last summer when previewing the casino.

“High rollers might see games with a low house edge. Low rollers could only have 6:5 blackjack with a higher house edge.

This would be in line with many Vegas Strip casinos that offer similar blackjack games. Across the street, Wynn and Encore only offer 6:5 blackjack games to low rollers. The High Limit rooms offer blackjack games with better rules.”

Scott Sibella, President, and CEO at Resorts World is running back the blackjack playbook of his previous employer MGM Resorts. The casino offers its high rollers the best blackjack games. Resorts World is supposedly offering huge bonuses to bring high rollers to the casino.

According to Vegas Advantage, and my eyes, there are three types of blackjack games at Resorts World:

  • $15 blackjack dealt from a CSM (Continuous Shuffle Machine) and pays 6:5 for a natural blackjack
  • $25 Free Bet Blackjack that pays 6:5 for blackjack
  • $100 blackjack from a shoe that pays 3:2 for blackjack

You can see information for all Resorts World games from Vegas Advantage here.

Resorts World Cashless Gaming

Resorts World is the first Las Vegas casino where guests can use a digital login and cashless wagering experience at both slots and table games. The cashless technology is provided by a variety of companies including Konami, Galaxy Gaming, NRT Technology and Sightline Payments. The names won’t matter for your experience but it takes a lot to put this together so it should be noted.

“Launching cashless gaming solutions at the first major Las Vegas casino opening in a decade presents a tremendous opportunity for Sightline to further the digital transformation of the consumer experience in gaming,” said Joe Pappano, CEO of Sightline Payments. “Resorts World Las Vegas will spotlight the impact that payments innovations can have on the integrated casino resort to the entire gaming industry.”

This really is a groundbreaking advancement for casino technology. GamingPlay is Resorts World’s digital gaming wallet and cardless login for Genting Rewards loyalty members. GamingPlay provides the ability for guests to seamlessly load their wallet in two ways:

  • Deposit cash at a Kiosks or the casino cashier
  • Enroll in Sightline’s Play+ mobile solution

Play+ allows guests to connect to external funding sources like a bank account, credit, debit or PayPal account, and load their GamingPlay wallet. This solution offers guests the flexibility to transfer funds in and out of their GamingPlay wallet and linked Play + account.

Visiting Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas is a beautiful casino with plenty of places to eat, drink and gamble. There are 40 venues to eat and drink at the property. While the blackjack games may not be the best there are plenty of other gambling options.

I’ve already visited Resorts World twice – once for fun and another time for work. Believe it or not, the work visit was better. The casino was able to fix some of the glitches from opening weekend. I already expect to be back at least once in the next couple of weeks.

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