Tips For The First Time Playing Blackjack In A Casino

By | January 30, 2023

Not everyone visiting this website and news section is an experienced blackjack player. Today’s article is for you.

Venturing into a casino for the first time can be somewhat stressful. There’s a lot to make someone anxious the first time they visit a casino.

Risking money on a game is a big concern for many. Others may worry about how other players may see them. Some new gamblers may be worried about both and more.

I was intimidated when I first started visiting casinos when I turned 21. The first game I played was one of the worst in the casino.

Without knowing anything about the large house edge, I threw a few bucks on the Big 6 wheel. I actually walked out of Resorts Casino in Atlantic City with a few more dollars than I started with.

I was stoked but still had no idea what I was doing. The first game I learned how to play in a casino was blackjack.

My older friends all knew how to play and helped show me the ropes. Blackjack had to be the first casino game I sat down to play.

I was hooked on blackjack right away. When I got home I dove head first into learning about blackjack.

I quickly learned how to play better than everyone I know. All it took was a little reading and a lot of basic strategy practice.

While I’m always learning how to play blackjack better, my goal back then was not to look like a fool while gambling. Some of those lessons were taught and others were a bit more painful.

My goal was never to be a professional blackjack player. I just wanted to learn how to get the most bang for my gambling dollar. This is still the case.

I still play blackjack and other casino games as a hobby. I realized that having a few adult beverages was more fun than counting cards or other advantage plays so I happily remain a recreational player.

Much like shopping for a good deal at a retail outlet, I still want to maximize the money I’m spending while gambling.

Learning basic strategy changed how I played blackjack and how I saw casino gambling. Hopefully, some of these tips can help a new gambler enjoy playing blackjack games when visiting a casino.

Tips For New Blackjack Players

I can be somewhat neurotic when preparing for just about everything in life nowadays. That wasn’t quite the case when I first started gambling. I just wanted to bet, drink, have fun and make money.

I wasn’t ready for the minutiae of being a smart gambler until I realized how much I enjoyed blackjack and casinos in general.

I’ll stick to some of the basics so this is easy to understand. We can dive deeper into some of these another day.

Read The Rules Of The Game

All blackjack games post the rules, payouts, and minimum bet for players to easily see. Give a glance at the placard located at the corner of the table along with the actual felt on that table for the rules before sitting down to play blackjack.

Here are a few blackjack rules to look for if playing the best blackjack game matters.

Place Buy-In And Rewards Card On The Table

Dealers cannot accept anything handed to them. Place your buy-in and casino rewards card on the table when sitting down.

The dealer will give you playing chips in return for the cash. They will either swipe your rewards card or hand it to the pit boss so you can earn points and credits.

Learning how to play blackjack with perfect basic strategy should allow a player to enjoy the game longer. A player will receive more reward points the longer they play. In a perfect world, this will also help a player hit a hot streak of cards.

Use Hand Signals

Blackjack players must use hand signals to hit or stand so the surveillance cameras can see their actions. The dealer cannot move if a player speaks the words hit or stand.

Dealers will politely tell players this but you’ll earn a little respect from the dealer if they don’t have to teach you this basic casino rule.

Learn Basic Strategy Or Use A Card

Playing blackjack with perfect basic strategy is the way to keep the casino’s house edge to a minimum. Keeping the house edge low for the casino means a player will be active for more hands.

In turn, this will give a player the best chance to hit a hot streak and walk away as a winner. As previously mentioned, playing longer should also result in more reward points.

If you can’t memorize the basic strategy feel free to use a physical card at the table. A paper strategy card is allowed. However, using a card on a mobile phone isn’t allowed.

Play Your Game

One of the most intimidating feelings when first playing blackjack can be the other players. Being concerned with the opinions of other people in a social circle is typical regardless of the activity.

Add money to the situation and it can be a bit unsettling. Nobody wants to negatively impact another player and their money.

First, the good and bad even out over time for all people playing blackjack. Don’t worry financially about making a bad play. Your mistake may have a short-term impact but it doesn’t have a long-term impact.

If something or someone bothers you just go to another table. There’s no need to stay in a negative situation.

You’re already ahead of things by preparing for your first blackjack game. Use basic strategy and have a great time.

Using a physical basic strategy card, you can show another player why you decided on a certain play if someone questions your play.

Be Aware Of Blackjack Myths

This ties in with the previous section. Blackjack players are mostly social and enjoy sharing their experiences or stories they’ve heard.

There’s usually no ill will but the information and stories shared may not be correct. While these stories may be entertaining some can be riddled with blackjack myths and incorrect information. Learn some of the basics to avoid awkward situations with other players.

Knowing some of the fallacies about the game should help you have fun when you hit the blackjack table.

Skip Insurance

Last but not least, skip taking insurance when you first play blackjack. Insurance is one of the worst bets at the blackjack table. The house edge for the casino is about 6%.

Most players will just wave it off. Join the table and skip it.

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