Where To Find Fair Blackjack In Las Vegas

By | January 6, 2023

Two things can be true at the same time when discussing blackjack in Las Vegas.

  • Las Vegas blackjack sucks
  • There’s plenty of fair blackjack in Las Vegas

Both are true depending on where you visit in Las Vegas.

Last year we looked at why some visitors choose to play 6:5 blackjack. Today, we’ll explore some more reasons why they stay on the Vegas Strip instead of looking for the best blackjack games.

Most Gamblers Don’t Leave The Vegas Strip

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s (LVCVA) Visitor Profile, between 73% and 75% of visitors to Las Vegas since 2016 have stayed at a hotel on the Vegas Strip.

Low-mid rollers won’t find many casinos on the Vegas Strip with 3:2 blackjack games under $25. The same person can find plenty of 3:2 blackjack games when they leave the area.

According to the LVCVA, 76% of visitors gambled when in Las Vegas with a budget of $717.51 per trip. The average visit to Las Vegas was 3.6 days last year. That’s roughly a gambling budget of $240 per day.

More than 7 of every 10 gambling visitors spent only 2 hours per day gambling. That’s essentially one good blackjack session for many experienced players.

Lastly, about 12% of visitors to Las Vegas went downtown to gamble last year.

All of this data is to lay the foundation that Las Vegas visitors don’t spend much money gambling and don’t leave the Vegas Strip when they hit the tables and machines.

Back to the original statements:

  • Las Vegas blackjack sucks
  • There’s plenty of fair blackjack in Las Vegas

The majority of visitors don’t venture to the casinos in Las Vegas with fair blackjack games. It’s understandable too.

Visitors to Las Vegas are only in town for three days. For many visitors, it takes too much time to travel to a casino with a decent blackjack game.

Additionally, it may not make sense for the person looking to spend $100 or $200 and less than two hours gambling.

Where To Find Fair Blackjack In Las Vegas

If you’re reading a blackjack blog, it’s likely you don’t mind traveling to find the best Las Vegas blackjack games. Leaving the Vegas Strip to play blackjack sounds daunting but it isn’t.

There are casinos within a short walk or 3-minute taxi or rideshare. Of course, the majority of off-strip casinos are farther away from the Vegas Strip.

The vast majority of downtown Las Vegas casinos have 3:2 blackjack games. Skip Binion’s and Four Queens and you should find a blackjack game to your liking.

Personally, Golden Gate is my favorite place to gamble downtown. The low ceilings and loud music have an energy that’s unmatched.

On the other side of the fence, the low-limit blackjack games at Downtown Grand are great if you want a relaxing environment. Part of the allure to downtown Las Vegas is the party but this is a great option if you’ve had dinner and aren’t ready for the action.

Gold Coast, Orleans, Palace Station, and Palms are a short drive away from the Vegas Strip. These are the closest off-strip casinos with fair blackjack games. There are plenty more when you expand your travel range.

3:2 Blackjack On The Vegas Strip

Most casinos on the Vegas Strip don’t deal 3:2 blackjack games outside of the high-limit rooms. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any Vegas Strip casinos with 3:2 blackjack for $25 and lower.

According to Vegas Advantage, there are a few casinos still dealing affordable blackjack games on the main tourist corridor.

Treasure Island and The Strat still have fair blackjack games for under $25 per hand. There are multiple games available at each casino starting at $10 or $15  per hand. These are the best options for red-chip blackjack players.

Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Flamingo, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, New York-New York, Planet Hollywood, Sahara, and Tropicana also have 3:2 blackjack games.

These blackjack games aren’t the most affordable. The minimum bet is usually $25 at these casinos. Expect higher limits for some of these casinos at night or on the weekend.

Essentially, there are two casinos with fair low-rolling blackjack games. The other option is to leave the area for a good, fair-priced blackjack game.

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