4ThePlayers Adds 5 Doggy Dollars to its Games Collection!

By | June 22, 2023

unleash_the_fun_with_5_doggy_dollars_4theplayers_latest_tail_wagging_slot4ThePlayer has debuted another online casino adventure and we’ve got all the details! Known for its unique adventures, the developer continues to expand its portfolio with feature-packed titles that deliver an unforgettable iGaming experience and a trip to remember.

After presenting 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt, an online slot that became very popular in a short amoung of time, the company introduces you to 5 Doggy Dollars, its latest casino adventure!

Unleashing Amazing Experience!

4ThePlayer invites you to join it in another top-tier tale that promises lots of fun, engaging features, and a unique theme! The adventure is set in a world of dogs, so if you are a fan of canines, this slot will surely delight you.

If you decide to spin the reels and discover what this slot has to offer, you will also get to know the modern MONEY WAYS system that can reward you with a vast amount of cash prizes!

When winning symbols align, prizes break free, untamed by restrictions! The thrill escalates when a Collect symbol emerges, unlocking all the visible cash rewards on the spinning reels. However, the biggest surprise comes from the dog’s favorite treat: bones. Bigger basket, bigger prizes!

The new title offers players the opportunity to take advantage of one of four Big Prize Bones including BIG, SUPER, MEGA, and ULTRA!  However, these prizes are not progressive, ensuring the game’s compliance in all markets.

Introducing the Frisbee Twist, a remarkable addition that ingeniously rearranges unsuccessful spins, ensuring guaranteed victories with lucrative cash rewards. And for the adventurous souls, unleash your inner wildness in the Pick-A-Win bonus for an exhilarating experience!

Wait, There Is More!

The thrill extends beyond that point! Within the Respin bonus, each symbol carrying a prize is firmly secured. Secure ways to win and enjoy its continuous success across multiple respins! By amassing complete reels of cash or landing the prized Collect symbol, you have the opportunity to significantly amplify your winnings!

Excited to announce a new release, Geoff Scaplehorn, Product Director at 4ThePlayer, said: “With 5 Doggy Dollars, we’re letting the dogs out and leading our players to an entirely new level of gaming adventure. This wild ride offers the exhilaration of sniffing out abundant cash prizes, the thrill of digging after the BIG, SUPER, MEGA, and ULTRA bones, and the dynamic gameplay that our players have come to cherish. We believe that the blend of our unique MONEY WAYS™ system, the Frisbee Feature, and the barking Respin bonus creates a perfect fetching game that will have players wagging their tails in excitement. We’re confident that 5 Doggy Dollars isn’t just another walk in the park. It’s a game that’s going to make players ‘bark’ for more, time and time again!”

5 Doggy Dollars is available via Relax Silver Bullet. 


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