Belatra Games Travels to Egypt in Search of Riches in Mummyland Treasures!

By | June 25, 2023

mummyland_treasures_belatraBelatra Games successfully launched a new online casino release that will take you to undiscovered parts of Phyramids that hide treasure! Embark on an enchanting journey to ancient Egypt with Belatra Games’ captivating slot, Mummyland Treasures!

The new title takes players on a quest for buried riches amidst a supernatural backdrop.

Game Layout & Features

Upon launching the game, players will be introduced to a grid of 21 tiles, elegantly arranged in the center.

Two rows at the top and another two at the bottom are initially added within the solid stones. However, each winning spin has the power to shatter the rock, paving the way for new symbols to emerge and create even more winning combinations!

The immersive gameplay is further amplified by the presence of two lightning symbols. The Blue lightning, when unleashed, destroys random tiles positioned above and below the central screen. This electrifying event injects an element of surprise and excitement into the gameplay, as hidden treasures are uncovered! However, the Yellow lightning symbol brings forth a wave of fortune, eliminating the lower-paying symbols and increasing the potential for significant wins.

Delve deeper into the Egyptian realm and unearth special coins, each adorned with varying sects ranging from 1 to 100. The ultimate triumph lies in discovering four or more of these coins, signifying a victorious outcome.

Adding to the game’s charm is the Scarab Scatter, which gracefully falls upon the reels, causing a spectacular crash that changes symbols in horizontal, vertical, or all-encompassing directions. Triggering three or more Scatters unveils the gateway to Bonus Spins, where the Scatter symbol also contributes to an accumulating multiplier!

An exhilarating twist awaits as players break through all the stone barriers during bonus spins, earning three additional spins for a total maximum of 18 spins. As each Scarab drops into the game, the multiplier counter progressively ascends, opening doors to extraordinary prizes!

More to Look Forward to!

In addition to these captivating in-game features, players can take advantage of the Buy Bonus, offering a chance to unlock the coveted Hot Mode. For those seeking a touch of nostalgia, the Belatra Wheel ofFortune also awaits!

Sergey Chernyavski, Belatra Games’ Deputy Director, Sales & Marketing, commented: “Mummyland Treasures is a game that just keeps giving as players head deeper into this story. This unique slot gives adventurers the chance to win big and really explore a mega selection of engaging game mechanics.”


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