Casinos Allowed to Operate Online in the Netherlands Thanks to New Regulations!

By | November 18, 2021

casinos_are_available_to_operate_online_in_the_netherlands_thanks_to_new_regulationsThe Netherlands has finally regulated online gambling, and since April of this year, operators have been able to apply for licenses that give them permission to distribute their online content. So far, only 10 casinos have received a license approved by the Kansspelautoriteit, and as of October 1st, they are officially allowed to operate. Let’s find out a little more about this news…

Many punters in the Netherlands have been enjoying online gambling for years, but to enter the gambling world, they have had to use international sites. Now, they can play their favorite games through Dutch sites such as Holland Casino. A few years earlier, the Gaming Authority had strictly punished casinos that turned to Dutch players including those that had the Dutch language available on their site.

Online Advertising and License

However, if you thought that advertising would now appear everywhere, you were wrong. There will probably be commercials but in small numbers. Wondering why? If the casino wants to advertise, it is necessary to receive a license from KSA, and so far, only 10 companies have done so. For the Dutch market, a strict procedure is set when it comes to these licenses.

Also, licenses are very expensive, which is evidenced by the license required to work in operate in the Dutch market, for which it is necessary to set aside 50,000 euros plus additional costs.

Why Online Gambling Has Not Been Regulated So Far?

The Netherlands will lose less tax money by introducing online gambling. Additionally, it will be necessary to strengthen the supervision of problematic gamblers.

We must note that if you opt for a Dutch casino, your account will have to be linked to your bank account and BSN number.


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