CT Interactive Expands Reach in Czech Republic Through Partnership with Grandwin!

By | April 12, 2023

ct-interactives-portfolio-is-currently-live-at-grandwinCT Interactive, a renowned international content supplier, has once again expanded its reach in the Czech Republic with its latest deal with Grandwin.

This partnership has made the games offered by CT readily available on the Czech platform owned by NOVOMATIC, a leading global gaming technology company that owns 50% of Grandwin.

Milestone Agreement!

The partnership between the two brands marks a significant milestone in the expansion of both companies in the Czech Republic’s gaming market.

With CT’s reputation for producing innovative and engaging casino games, and Grandwin’s expertise in providing an exceptional gaming experience, players in the region can expect to be presented with some of the most exciting and immersive gaming experiences available in the market.

This strategic partnership between two significant players in the gaming industry has been carefully crafted to enhance player experience, increase playerengagement, and ultimately, drive revenue growth.

With the collaboration, CT Interactive is set to take advantage of the significant reach and influence that Grandwin has in the Czech market.

This, in turn, will allow the company to showcase its high-quality games to a broader audience and expand its player base. The availability of CT’s games on its partner’s platform will undoubtedly create a competitive edge for the platform.

The games from this developer are known for their exceptional graphics, exciting gameplay, and immersive features. This combination of qualities is sure to attract players and increase engagement on the platform.

Official Statements!

CT Interactive’s deal with Grandwin is a significant development in the Czech gaming industry.

With CT Interactive’s games now readily available on the Grandwin platform, players can expect to enjoy some of the best casino games in the market.

This strategic partnership is not only poised to enhance the player experience but also to drive growth and revenue for both companies. As experienced players, it is worth keeping an eye out for the exciting games that will soon be available on the Grandwin platform.

Ivan Zoumpalov, Manager of Business Development at CT Interactive, commented: “Our company has been incredibly active in the Czech territory. We are happy to announce that players of Grandwin can already enjoy our best games in the platform. Our future plans include to increase our visibility in the Czech market, so very soon we expect to have new portion of our games available for the local operators”.

Representatives of Grandwin added: “Our company is always searching for new ways to attract more clients and improve its services. Working with CT Interactive is the right move for us, and we are sure that by adding their content to our website, we will diversify our offerings.”


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