DraftKings Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

By | January 26, 2022

draftkings_appoints_new_chief_marketing_officerSherman joined this brand back in 2013. So far, she has held the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing, and DraftKings appoints her as the new Chief Marketing Officer.

In her new role, Sherman will take care of the company’s and agencies’ “media buying as well as influencer strategy” campaigns.

Comment From New CMO

According to her comments, we can conclude that she is very happy to have the opportunity to work in this new position. Sherman made the following comment:”When I started at DraftKings nine years ago, there was a genuine and collective sense that we were building something special, and zooming out to today, that has been validated more than I could have ever imagined.”

“For all the accomplishments we’ve celebrated and the adversity we’ve overcome, I take on this new position knowing there’s still so much opportunity ahead along with brilliant people ready to deliver,” Sherman added.

With this move, DraftKings wanted to reward its hard-working employee for her commitment over the past 9 years, in connection with “daily fantasy, sports betting, online casino and digital collectibles.”

In the last two years, Adweek Magazine has named Stephanie Sherman the “Most Powerful Women in Sports.”

Previous Work

Earlier this year, sports betting became legal in NY, and DraftKings is one of four online sports betting platforms that offered punters in this state the opportunity to invest their money in this form of entertainment. According to the data published by the brand, we can see that the first week after the launch was very successful.

60% of the bets in the NY were invested in the NFL, while as many as 24% were invested in the NBA. Punters showed the most interest in KC Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys as well as the Philadelphia Eagles.

The New Year for DraftKings has definitely started successfully. Given the changes in the team and the effort that the company has invested so far, we believe that 2022 will be as successful as the previous one.


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