ecoPayz Rebrands to Adopt to the Rapidly Changing World of Payment Solutions

By | April 18, 2023

changes_to_ecopayz_rmaecoPayz, a global payment solutions provider that is widely popular among online casino operators and players, has announced a rebranding to Payz. The company has offered instant, safe, and convenient services to a broad variety of customers and businesses in different parts of the world for over twenty years, which makes it one of the industry’s longest-standing e-wallets.

In 2021, ecoPays gave its website a refresh, introducing a simpler design with much easier navigation and a more advanced mobile version. This time, however, the changes are more crucial, affecting not only the web presentation but also the brand’s name and logo.

ecoPayz Will Soon Be Payz

The original EcoCard platform was launched in 2000 and later rebranded to ecoPayz, keeping the same goal of providing fast, safe, and convenient payment services. Over the years, the company has continuously expanded its global reach and customer base, being very popular among online casino players thanks to its wide availability and a broad range of innovative features.

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital payments industry, which has changed beyond all recognition, the brand will soon embark on a new chapter, aiming to introduce an upgraded future-proof business model and payment products. While no details have been unveiled yet, the company promises to keep its simplicity and transparency, as well as a sought-after human touch.

One Wallet, No Borders

Throughout its pretty long history, ecoPayz has earned a good reputation and positioned itself as a modern, simple-to-use, and reliable payment service. Both businesses and individuals can send and receive money in an absolutely secure way, taking advantage of numerous innovative products that make things even easier and faster.

ecoPayz Mastercard is one such product. Free to apply, it provides advanced security and instant access to funds, which can be spent at home or abroad. Usually, users can get up to four cards in eight different currencies while those who are impatient to shop online can get a virtual ecoPayz Mastercard.

So, what will change?

It seems that besides a new name, logo, and website, the entire concept remains the same. Customers will still be able to make and receive international payments in more than 50 currencies. However, according to the company, the coming months will bring a number of new exciting products.

Even though the website address will change, user accounts and login details will remain the same, so, actually, it’s all about a new and improved design under the slogan “One wallet, no borders”. More details will be available soon but already now it is pretty clear that online casino players who use this method can count on the ultimate experience.


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