Evolution Unveils Its Biggest and Boldest Live Game Show Funky Time

By | May 8, 2023

evolution-unveils-funky-time,-its-biggest,-boldest-game-show-everEvolution’s award-winning range of live game shows is replenished with a brand-new title Funky Time, which offers online casino players a new and fresh way of betting, filled with excitement and multipliers. Set to launch later this month, it is themed around a vibrant ‘70s disco vibe, featuring the ground-breaking DigiWheel able to generate massive payouts.

First introduced to the gambling community at ICE London in February, this game holds four bonus features – Bar, Stayin’n Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

Boogie Down to Funk-Tastic Wins

Announced at ICE London as “the biggest live game show since Crazy Time“, this disco extravaganza is powered by Evo’s digital DigiWheel, which dynamically generates numerous random multipliers in each round and assigns them to random segments. Players win if the wheel stops on a segment they bet on.

The wheel features 24 letter segments, which offer a default payout of 25:1, providing a chance to win already in the base game before even activating one of the bonuses.

Bar Bonus

The Bar bonus is triggered when the flapper stops on the Bar segment with a funky robot and three glasses for accumulating multipliers. Players have to choose the glass they believe will hold the largest multiplier and the robot will fill it to grant a spin on a single-reel slot to reveal another multiplier. The latter will then be randomly assigned to one of the three glasses.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

Evolution never misses the opportunity to mix different genres like in the recently launched Extra Chilli Epic Spins, which combines the world of live with slots.

In Funky Time, it is a combination with the lottery, so this bonus is played with the help of a ball drawing machine, featuring 90 colored balls and a 20-level multiplier ladder, which starts at 5x bet and can award prizes of up to 10,000x bet. All players can take advantage of the four lives shown on the dedicated counter.

Disco Bonus

Friendly Mr. Funky shows off his best moves to gather multipliers on a dance floor consisting of 37 squares. At the same time, DJ will rotate a small wheel with eight segments, each having an arrow and pointing up, down, left, or right. Mr. Funky will follow the arrows to collect multipliers – all until he will fall off the edge of the dancing floor!

VIP Disco Bonus

This bonus is played the same way as the Disco feature, with the only difference being that it comes with a larger dance floor consisting of 63 squares. In case one of the segments was assigned a multiplier during the initial wheel spin, each regular multiplier is multiplied by it before Mr. Funky starts to dance!


Evolution PR, May 5, 2023.

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