Go Mate Teams up with Kun Aguero and Astralis to Launch the Training Program for Gamers

By | January 23, 2023

Drinks company, Go Mate, after launching its new range of all-natural, sugar-free smart beverages for mental clarity and calm, announced that they have teamed up with professional athletes to release a new training program!

Argentina legend and former Manchester City Striker Sergio Aguero and esports world champions and one of the leading esports organizations Astralis partnered with the company to design such a program that will help gamers with mind and body fitness through weekly workout routines.

Train like a pro!

The training program includes a step-by-step guide to cardio, muscle conditioning and mental agility training. This program is used by athletes who train at the highest level, and it will help everyone who wants to reduce the risk of injury as well as strengthen mental capability.

The words from the reps!

Go Mate Co-Founder Sergio Aguero said: “We are extremely pleased to have curated a high-level workout regimen that enables esports and sports fans to further improve their health. We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is the core of our product offering at Go Mate. What we use to power our energy must positively enhance us physically and mentally, too.”

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports,Astralis commented: “We take our training very seriously, and we’ve found that proper workout programs and nutritional planning have taken us to the next level. As competitive gaming continues to grow, it has never been more difficult to reach the top – that’s why we are excited to share this plan that combines physical training with mental training. To reach the elite levels in our sport, strains on the body and mind grow, and a balanced workout and healthy habits will help players truly excel.”

Overconsumption of energy drinks is not healthy, so Go Mate aims to promote mental clarity using all-natural, sugar-free ingredients.

This drink company is built for gamers by gamers! Who knows better, right? It helps in losing weight in a healthy way, filling up, relaxing and restoring balance!

For now, there are two types of this drink – Awake and Relax.

You will recognize Awake by its yellow color and it can help you to maintain performance – to think faster and staying focused longer.

On the other hand, Relax, which is in a purple color, gives gamers a chance to recharge, unwind and rebalance.

Have you ever tried it? Write us your experiences in the comments!


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