Golden Matrix Group to Enter Mexico with New License

By | March 9, 2022

golden_matrix_group_wants_to_enter_mexico_with_new_licenseGolden Matrix Group (GMGI), one of the most famous casino software developers from Las Vegas, announced that the company will send a request for a new license that will allow the brand to step into Mexico.

The provider announced on Friday that it has applied for a new license, and after the brand gets the green light from the authorities, it will start distributing its iGaming products in Mexico.

Also, GMGI expects that as part of the expansion, it will launch the RKings tournament platform in this market.

More On RKings

RKings is a well-known brand headquartered in Northern Ireland, and the company provides prize competitions. It currently offers these services to punters from Ireland and the United Kingdom with the option of choosing free entry or paid entry to the competition.

As prizes in this competition, participants can win plenty of client products

80% of RKings’ “controlling ownership interest” was bought by Golden Matrix Group.

Very Good Opportunity!

Golden Matrix CEO, Brian Goodman, gave the following statement: “This is a logical move for the company, as it opens up compelling opportunities in the Latin America (LATAM) B2C market; and it begins the expansion of the RKings tournament platform to our first region outside of the UK and Ireland. We are confident that, in addition to casino games and sportsbook betting, RKings will be received enthusiastically, generate significant revenues, and boost our overall profitability.”

The Rep added that Golden Matrix achieved great success in the first quarter, reaching a record quarterly income. He also added that RKings had big shares in this achievement.

Goodman finally added that all other information about the company’s revenues will be published soon, and he expects to submit the report before March 10 to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Great Benefits

Golden Matrix Group will be able to make great advantages from the new license. By expanding in the new region, the company will further expand its business scope and take another step towards achieving its goal of global expansion. The company will surely open even more opportunities for advancement in the new market, and the punters will surely be happy.

For now, all we have to do is to wait for the good news!


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