Kansspelautoriteit to Impose Gambling Ad Ban on 1 July

By | April 24, 2023

kansspelautoriteit_to_impose_gambling_ad_ban_on_1_julyThe Dutch government has confirmed that its long-awaited ban on gambling advertising will begin on 1 July 2023. The ban was originally scheduled to take effect a year earlier, but it was delayed due to public consultations regarding the law.

As stated by the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, the new law will prohibit all untargeted gambling advertising, including TV and radio commercials.

The only exception will be online ads on social media if the operator can prevent these from reaching people under the age of 24.

KSA Hopes to Reduce Problem Gambling

The Dutch government has been working on the new gambling law in agreement with Kansspelautoriteit for several years. The goal of this new framework is to modernize the country’s gambling industry and create a safer environment for players.

It also includes measures to combat problem gambling and money laundering.

Although it was only announced in July 2022, the initial plan to ban adverts in public spaces had to be delayed due to a public debate about the upcoming law.

Last month, the Dutch Minister confirmed that the ban will come into effect on 1 July. The general public opinion in the Netherlands has also agreed that the negative side of gambling advertising produces a very bad influence on children.

Advertising is necessary to make the legal offer of online games of chance known, so that people do not play illegally,” commented Weerwind.

The Minister is hoping that the ban will reduce the number of problem gamblers in the country and also protect vulnerable groups against the risks of online games of chance.

As recent studies in the country have shown, exposure to gambling advertising can lead to increased problem gambling behavior.

The gambling industry has opposed the ban, arguing that it will hurt their business and reduce tax revenue for the government. Nonetheless, the Dutch government has remained firm in its commitment to the ban, citing the importance of protecting vulnerable citizens and children.

The ban will also apply to foreign online gambling operators in the Netherlands that offer their services to Dutch players without a valid license. These operators will be required to block their websites and apps from Dutch users or face fines of up to €830,000.

Online Ads Still Not an Issue

While the television and radio adverts will be banned from 1 July this year in the Netherlands, including public spaces and billboards, advertising on the internet will be allowed, if kept under strict control.

Advertising on social media will not be an issue if the marketing campaign is not targeting young people under the age of 24. As explained, targeted ads at consumers of this age is illegal in the Netherlands and will be heavily penalized.

On a different note, operators will have to show that at least 95% of the advertising material has reached people above 24 years of age. Also, every consumer should be given the chance on social media to want to see the gambling ads.


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