Microgaming Once Again Supports Responsible Gaming!

By | November 5, 2021

microgaming_extends_support_for_responsible_gambling_organisations_throughout_2021_rmaWhat is responsible gambling and why does it even exist?

Gambling should first and foremost be a kind of entertainment in which players can win enticing prizes. We are often witnesses, and with a high probability, we know someone who has exceeded the limits of entertainment and become addicted and obsessed with gambling. This also applies to young people are not even of legal gambling age.

To address this problem, a Responsible Gaming organization was created, which motivates casinos and providers to introduce prevention to protect players.

Large companies such as Microgaming, that is, one of the leading casino software developers, is one of the brands that has accepted the rules of this organization. This company has expanded its Charitable Scope to further contribute to Responsible Gambling Charities in 2021.

Along with marking Safer Gambling Week 2021, Microgaming is also making separate plans with charities to help its players handle, reduce and introduce a preventive measure for gambling-related harm.

Spreading Awareness

Microgaming’s PlayItForward has enabled this provider to expand its reach to Betknowmore UK, which is known as a leading provider of nationwide gambling support and training services. Betknowmore UK has received a grant that will be sufficient to cover the cost of the research, which will last one year. The experiment is related to women, and this group exploration will be led by their peers once a week.

This is not the first time that Microgaming has made donations for projects like this. This current donation to the Gordon Moody Association was preceded by one last year, and it is important to note that this association provides a wide range of treatment and therapy services to players who believe they have the consequences of gambling, and also provides support and assistance to their families.

Microgaming has educated and sponsored its gaming and gambling project which will be specifically aimed at young people. it has contributed to Motiv8 IOM, which provides support and treatment for addiction to Manx, residents living on the Isle of Man.

A Word from the CEO

John Coleman, CEO at Microgaming, said: “We’re proudly standing in solidarity with all areas of our industry to support the Safer Gambling Week initiative, with a calendar of events to promote the Responsible Gambling message across our business. Of course, it’s a conversation our industry should be having all year around, and one which we are committed to being a part of. I’m proud we have been able to support the invaluable work of a range of gambling-related research, education and treatment charities throughout 2021.”


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