Minnesota Lottery Awards Mobile App Development Contract to Pollard Banknote

By | December 5, 2021

pollard_banknote_awarded_mobile_app_development_contract_by_the_minnesota_lotteryPollard Banknote Limited has announced that after a “competitive procurement procedure,” the Minnesota Lottery has awarded it a contract for the development of a Mobile Convenience App for iOS and Android.

According to this contract, Pollard Banknote will create a contemporary mobile app designed to provide an engaging mobile experience to lottery players in Minnesota. The app will come with robust features such as ticket checking, GPS lottery retailer locator, information about the Lottery, including the Responsible Gaming program.

Lottery users will be able to utilize the new app to look up winning digits and jackpots, produce and save digital play slips as well as scan tickets to get entries into the Lottery’s 2nd Chance program for extra chances to get cash and prizes. The app will also include an opt-in social sharing function, allowing customers to share the winning experiences by linking with different social media channels.

The Minnesota Lottery is focused on raising money for campaigns that influence the lives of people in a positive way. It provides Minnesotan games of chance with the highest standard of safety and integrity. Since its establishment, the Lottery has brought more than $3.1b to programs that are beneficial for all Minnesotans.

Speaking on the latest achievement, Executive Director at Minnesota Lottery, Adam Prock noted:

“The Minnesota Lottery is excited to partner with Pollard Banknote to bring a new mobile app to our players. A new app will enable us to engage with players directly and provide them with convenient access to many facets of the Minnesota Lottery. 

We look forward to working with Pollard Banknote to bring the Minnesota Lottery app to the App Store and Google Play in order to drive excitement among our players and generate additional awareness and proceeds to the programs the Lottery supports throughout the state.”

Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote, Byron Peterson says that Pollard Banknote is honored to extend its longstanding partnership with the Minnesota Lottery to create a new mobile app for its users. The launch of the innovative app will play a significant role in boosting the Lottery’s digital presence and extending its online engagement. They know that technology-driven lottery solutions are a brilliant way to create effective and direct connections with users, so they look forward to continuing this promising partnership with the Lottery that will be beneficial for Minnesotans in the upcoming years.


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