Oklahoma Lawmakers Stall Sports Betting Bill Despite Bipartisan Support

By | April 27, 2023

oklahoma_senate_rejects_sports_wagering_billNot-so-good news comes straight from Oklahoma. Although we have been waiting for a new bill for a long time, it will not be approved this time either.

Namely, as reported, the Oklahoma Sports Wagering Bill is rejected in the State Senate.

What Happened?

Although at first the legislation was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives and received bipartisan support, as well as stalled in the State Senate, it did not help to be effective.

Bill’s creator, Rep. Ken Luttrell spoke on this occasion and said that the Senators “wanted there to be more discussions between Governor Kevin Stitt and the tribes who would ultimately have to amend the state’s tribal gaming compact before in-person and mobile sports betting could ever begin” – according to the source.

However, he told the FOX23 news partner KOCO News 5 in Oklahoma City: “My colleagues saw the advantage, the economic advantage to this, this restoration of tribal-legislative relations.”

Gov. Kevin also expressed his opinion last December and said that he hopes this legislation will pass the legislative session. His opinion was also reported by FOX23 last December: “We’ve seen it in New Jersey and in many other states, and now it’s right on our doorstep with Kansas doing it.

New Attempt Next Year

Despite the setback, Luttrell and the bill’s co-sponsor in the senate plan to reintroduce the legislation next year, with even more support than before.

In that regard, Luttrell said: “There is more support than ever before for sports betting in the state legislature, and I will try again during next year’s session.

Senator Bill Coleman has also called on Governor Stitt to work with tribal leaders to advance sports betting in the future. Currently, 33 states and Washington D.C. allow sports wagering, and many other states are legalizing it as a way to generate revenue from what was once an unregulated activity.

Commenting on the problem, Gov. Stitt said: “Taxes and fees Oklahomans have been paying to those states could be used for education, transportation, and economic development incentives in Oklahoma.”

Source: “Sports betting bill dies in State Senate, author will try again next year’’. Fox 23. April 18, 2023.

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