P.U.P.I Foundation, founded by Javier Zanetti, and Planetwin365.news to launch a new project

By | March 27, 2023

P.U.P.I-Foundation-founded-by-Javier-Zanetti-and-Planetwin365.news-to-launch-a-new-projectSKS365, an infotainment portal owned by Planet Entertainment, teamed up with the non-profit organization founded by legendary football player Javier Zanetti and his wife – P.U.P.I.

The aim of his organization is to help children affected by the economic crisis in Argentina by giving them educational opportunities, and their nutritional requirements.

P.U.P.I. was founded in 2001 and the name itself has two meanings – first, it derives from its nickname – El Pupi, and it is also a backronym for Por Un Piberío Integrado, which in English means ‘For an integrated childhood’.

Towards a good goal!

These two parties will help each other with editorial content on the main sporting events by connecting sports and solidarity.

Also, Planetwin365.news will be a media supporter of Zanetti’s organization, which he founded with his wife, Paula, and will become a channel for communication and promotion of the values of solidarity, inclusion and sociability.

Thanks to the partnership, Planetwin365.news will be enhanced with new content, and Zanetti himself will share his experiences in a column on the sports portal about his foundation.

The topic will be “Sports makes us equal“, which will discuss all topics related to sports as a powerful tool for improving the quality of life, and social development while of course there will be various comments on the main sports events.

During his professional career in Italy, Zanetti earned the nickname El Tractor, for his incredible stamina and tireless plays, and we are very glad that he transferred his recognizable energy to those who need it the most!

The words from the reps

The agreement with a world football legend and his non-profit association fills us with pride and will help us to further develop the ‘social & community’ aspect that distinguishes our younger brand – saidAnniina Rantala, Senior Director, Commercial Online at SKS365 – We will be able to offer new content and an increasingly social and interactive entertainment experience to the users of Planetwin365.news. We have already had the pleasure of working with Javier on other projects and, this new agreement, represents a unique opportunity to make our brand a point of reference for all sports fans, while supporting the solidarity initiatives of the P.U.P.I. Foundation.

“I am very happy to start this journey together with the P.U.P.I Foundation. I am confident, it will allow us to emphasize the importance of sports in the daily work of our association,” addedJavier Zanetti. “I thank Planetwin365.news on behalf of Paula and myself for choosing the P.U.P.I. Foundation, allowing us to help those who need it most.”


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