PLAYSTUDIOS Opens Two New Offices in Serbia and Vietnam

By | November 30, 2021

playstudios_opens_two_new_offices_belgrade_serbia_and_hanoi_vietnam_where_the_company_will_recruit_new_team_membersPLAYSTUDIOS, casino software developer, has decided to expand its business network and open new offices around the world. The first targets include the cities of Hanoi, Vietnam and Belgrade, Serbia, on whose markets this provider will be present from now on.

Residents of these two countries will have the opportunity to apply for vacancies that PLAYSTUDIOS will offer.

More than 90 staff members will join the PLAYSTUDIOS Europe team in Belgrade, Serbia, which will work on the game development project for the POP! (Slot application), including the development of the company’s unique playAWARDS platform.

As for Hanoi, Vietnam, there is a section of PLAYSTUDIOS Vietnam, which employs over 45 highly educated professionals, but it is expected that this number will soon reach more than 100 employees. Their task will be to develop events, features, and games through PLAYSTUDIO’s library, and in the foreground will be a special leading application, myVEGAS Slots.

PLAYSTUDIOS, is one of the favorites among punters around the world. It boasts its playAWARDS loyalty platform that allows players to win real-world rewards. All of this includes 80 partners and 275 global entertainment including travel, retail, gaming brands, etc.

PLAYSTUDIOS Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Pascal said: “The long-term investments we’re making in our Belgrade and Hanoi studios allow us to tap into the dynamic and high-quality talent in those markets while remaining competitive in this global mobile gaming industry. As we continue to ramp up the contributions of these new teams, we’ll increase our capacity to drive the growth of our PLAYSTUDIOS portfolio while delivering a broader collection of experiences for our players.”

More About the Company

PLAYSTUDIOS was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Las Vegas. However, its offices can be found in Burlingame (California), Austin (Texas), HongKong, Tel Aviv (Israel) as well as the two newest Belgrade (Serbia) and Hanoi (Vietnam).

You have the option to save the games of this casino software developer to your iOS, Android, Kindle, and Facebook.


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