Real Dealer Studios Launches Vinnie Jones Blackjack Starring the Football and Movie Legend

By | November 14, 2022

Real Dealer Studios, an innovative provider of unique online games that merge live casino and RNG gameplay for a superior player experience, has launched Vinnie Jones Blackjack, the second title to feature the iconic footballer and popular actor. The latest addition to the brand’s state-of-the-art portfolio stands out as the industry-first gambling product created using the studio’s unique, cinematic approach that brings to the table an immersive experience and one-to-one interaction.

Letting players tap into a members-only club atmosphere and enjoy the company of the A-class celebrity as a VIP dealer, Vinnie Jones Blackjack features 21+3TM side bets, insurance side bets, and a 6-card Charlie rule.

RNG Blackjack with Personal Interaction

Real Dealer Studios, which not so long ago debuted in Greece and Romania, has announced the launch of Vinnie Jones Blackjack, the second game in its new series featuring the iconic tough guy.

It is the first celebrity blackjack title made with the use of cinematic RNG, a ground-breaking technology designed by the Malta-based company to create incredibly realistic, one-to-one dealer engagement. The process closely mirrors that of Hollywood filmmaking, combining recorded video clips of dealers and gameplay with a powerful RNG-based engine to run the game.

Already available to all operators, Vinnie Jones Blackjack lets players enjoy the company of the legendary football player and successful actor in the exclusive members-only club where Vinnie acts as the VIP croupier. Thanks to the studio’s unique cinematic approach, he can respond to each of the player’s moves, dealing the next card or throwing in the occasional cheeky remark to keep the action rolling.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios commented:

“There just hasn’t been anything like this on the market before – an RNG blackjack game with this sort of personal interaction, and starring a celebrity to boot”.

Vinnie Jones Series

Real Dealer Studios was the first to offer an attractive alternative to the classic live casino by introducing a different approach to the incredibly popular as-real-as-gets entertainment. A unique combination of RNG gameplay and pre-recorded video clips has quickly won the hearts of players due to its realism and the lack of such shortcomings as sudden interruptions or lags caused by slow connection speeds.

Thanks to professional actors, directors, and production crew that deliver polished footage of dealers, games designed by this studio make a perfect fit for many gamblers. The company’s portfolio is very diverse, even featuring Spooky Roulette launched last year to help punters get into the Halloween spirit.

The second title in the series after the release of Vinnie Jones Roulette in September, Vinnie Jones Blackjack offers 21+3TM side bets, insurance side bets, and a 6-card Charlie rule. The next game in the pipeline is Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, expected to be released on November 14.


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