REEVO Adds Hölle Games to Platform Partners, Providing Players with More Exciting Real-Money Games

By | April 18, 2023

reevo-boosts-platform-with-holle-games-integrationREEVO announces a new partnership with Hölle Games, a leading iGaming content and technology supplier in Germany.

The move is set to expand REEVO’s platform partners and provide experienced players with even more exciting real-money games to enjoy.

Thrilling Products Available!

Hölle Games is renowned for producing some of the best-performing games for multiple markets, including Germany. Its portfolio includes classic games familiar to German players, as well as a series of premium slots with proprietary mechanics and concepts.

By integrating its existing and future content into the REEVO aggregation platform, Hölle will be able to reach a wider range of its partner’s operator colleagues. In turn, these operators will gain access to a diverse range of real-money content, offering players even more options and greater variety when selecting their preferred games.

The new partnership between the two brands comes at a time when the iGaming industry is experiencing rapid growth, with more players turning to online platforms for their gaming entertainment. To meet this growing demand, REEVO has been expanding its range of platform partners and proprietary games, launching two new games every month.

The company is also onboarding a growing list of leading content suppliers, providing operator partners with a comprehensive selection of the most diverse suite of games through a single API integration.

For experienced players, the new partnership means access to even more exciting real-money games, including premium slots with unique mechanics and concepts. It also provides a significant boost to REEVO’s content aggregation platform, with its newest partner being recognized as one of the most innovative iGaming content and technology suppliers in Germany.

Win-Win Agreement!

The latest deal is just one example of REEVO’s commitment to providing the best possible gaming experience for players. With its ongoing expansion and innovation, players can expect even more options in the future. Whether you’re a fan of classic games or are looking for something new and innovative, its platform offers an extensive range of real-money games to suit all tastes and preferences.

Petra Maria PoolaHead of Sales, Reevosaid: “We are very pleased to welcome Hölle to our growing list of diverse, best-in-class platform partners. Adding Hölle Games content will provide even greater value to our operator partners and we look forward to collaborating as we continue to rapidly expand and enhance our offering.”

Robert Lenzhofer CEO & Co-Founder, Hölle Games, said: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with REEVO which has built and deployed a state-of-the-art aggregation-system in very little time. We look forward to the collaboration!”


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