Reevo Secures Approval to Launch its Games in Romania!

By | February 25, 2023

reevo-content-live-in-romaniaReevo, an iGaming content supplier, and aggregator in the online gambling industry, is excited to announce that it is due to enter another key European market!

The developer secured another major approval, thanks to whom it will once again strengthen its European presence, but also its position on the ladder of leading B2B brands.

Expanding European Reach!

After partnering with BGaming a few weeks ago, Reevo proudly announces that it is taking a step toward Romania!

After fulfilling all the necessary requirements, Reevo secured major certifications for its in-house online casino products that will be available on the platforms of the developer’s partners.

This means that Romanian players can now access some of the most engaging, innovative, feature-packed, and fresh online casino releases that have won the hearts of punters around the world.

The company also announced that it will expand its title production to two games per month and that many new collaborations are planned as part of the 2023 roadmap.

Great Opportunity for Growth!

The developer is pleased to be entering a prime European market…

Petra Maria Poola, Head of Sales, REEVO, said“Romania is a key location for the games development team and future growth. This certification of the REEVO content will further boost our presence enabling us to provide our leading content to partners. We have some very exciting plans this year and this is just the start of even bigger things to come.”

Reevo is a well-established B2B brand that secured one of the leading positions among leading companies in the industry thanks to numerous partnerships that contributed to the developer’s drastic expansion and reaching an even wider audience.

Also, an important role in the provider’s success was contributed by the members of Reevo’s team who worked tirelessly on the production of ever-popular and high-quality online casino titles that in a short time achieved great popularity among players across the globe.


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