Retired Canadian Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Offshore Casino for Jackpot Cheating

By | May 19, 2023

canadian_gambler_files_suit_over_220k_jackpot_rmaIn a remarkable turn of events, a former Canadian attorney named Victor Janicki has filed a lawsuit against, an offshore internet B2B headquartered in Costa Rica and registered in Antigua.

Janicki claims that he was tricked out of a $220,550 jackpot on a blackjack side bet when he was spending his time with the live BJ Classic Game.

Janicki’s case, filed in British Columbia Supreme Court, sheds light on his experience with the offshore casino.

What Actually Happened?

Janicki claims that he had been playing blackjack, gambling nearly $40 a hand, when he decided to place a $1 side bet for a chance to win a substantial jackpot.

According to his version, he was dealt two 7s of diamonds, making him qualified for the enormous prize. However, during a brief blackout on the screen, Janicki lost sight of the game. When the screen reappeared, he was told by casino personnel that there had been a mistake, and he had not actually won the prize.

Despite his efforts to reach and Visionary iGaming, the affiliate company based in San Jose, Costa Rica, Janicki struggled to obtain the video evidence of the game.

Finally, in April, he got a video purportedly reenacting the hand. However, the reenactment contradicted Janicki’s recollection, as it showed that he had never been dealt a third card, which he claims actually occurred.

Legal Action

Motivated by his legal background, Janicki decided to file the lawsuit by himself. He also enrolled the help of a law corporation in Costa Rica to help the claim to and Visionary iGaming.

The problem is that he needs to wait for their response within the 49 days specified by Canadian law for cases served beyond Canada or the United States.

The ongoing dispute highlights the challenges faced by players dealing with unlicensed offshore online casinos. It also aligns with the recent efforts of gaming regulators across various U.S. states who called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to break down illegal offshore gambling operations.

The American Gaming Association has long emphasized the significant economic impact of the illegal gambling market, estimating an annual intake of $510.9 billion and substantial losses for legally regulated markets in the United States.

Janicki’s case serves as a potent reminder of the significance of regulatory supervision in the industry, as state bodies struggle to combat bad performers and protect players from unfair practices. As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome of this lawsuit could have broader implications for the future of offshore online gambling operations and the rights of the players involved.


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