SoftSwiss Proud to Announce Its New Jackpot Solution!

By | January 31, 2023

softswiss-is-proud-to-announce-its-new-jackpot-solutionSoftSwiss, an online gaming software expert and one of the leaders of Bitcoin gambling solutions in the online gambling industry, is ready to present its new multifunctional products!

After shaking hands with the well-established B2B brand, Live Solutions, just a few days ago and bringing the partner’s diverse portfolio to its impressive aggregation platform, the company is making another significant move!

Multiple Products Now Available!

SoftSwiss has officially launched new products that will enrich clients’ experience and engagement!

Customers who decide to visit the Sportsbook solution will have an incredible and exclusive opportunity to take advantage of the developer’s impressive jackpot campaigns! With this tool, the brand has found a way to strengthen players’ acquisition, engagement, and retention!

Additionally, the tool allows for the performance of the sports betting platform to be drastically improved with amazing jackpot mechanics, and will surely attract the attention of players, increasing operator income!

According to the source, the Jackpot aggregator will also extend its reach and ”unlock a new dimension of sports betting to grow into.”

As announced, the first platform that will have the opportunity to get advantages from these future-paced tools is N1 Bet!

Brands that want to introduce this jackpot campaign on their platform need to fulfill two important conditions:

The Sportsbook needs to specify a list of jackpot participants and bet requirements that punters need to meet if they want to be a member of a jackpot campaign. The Jackpot Aggregator needs to configure the jackpot campaign settings, such as the jackpot pool size, award rules, and similar.

If the player is eligible, he/she will be added to the campaign automatically.

Next Level Value

Company representatives are excited for this new move, and gave the following comments…

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, comments on the new integration:“We are proud to present a new integration between the two innovative products, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator, which is already in use by the first client. The operator runs the integration with the full support of account managers, and clients themselves can customize the processes in the back office. We are sure this offering will add much value to any iGaming business.”

The N1 Bet team comments“We strive to improve our product by complementing it with the best offers available on the market. We already have the experience launching jackpot campaigns for our online casino, which boosted player interest and delivered excellent results. We are now introducing jackpots on the side of our sports betting platform, and we are confident that this will help diversify the player’s gaming experience and increase engagement. We are grateful to the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook and the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator teams for all their hard work and support every step of the way!”



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