SPRIBE Approved To Launch its Releases in Italy and Romania!

By | July 9, 2023

spribe_secures_approval_in_romania_and_italySPRIBE, iGaming software supplier, announced the launch of its content even further thanks to its latest approval! The company is continuously expanding to reach its overall goal of going global.

Moving forward, its content will be available to an even wider audience thanks to the receipt of it latest permit!

Multi-Market Expansion!

SPRIBE will launch its Mines, Hi-LO, and Goal online casino releases further thanks to the latest approval!

After successfully passing the licensing process, the Gaming Associates gave the green light for the brand to go live Romania and Italy with titles like Mines, Hi-Lo, and Goal!

The approval is also recognized by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), which means that SPRIBE can go live with its content in all Malta jurisdictions!

Renowned for the immensely popular crash game Aviator, SPRIBE offers a collection of thrilling Turbo Games that captivate players. Among them, Mines presents a minesweeper-style challenge where players aim to locate numerous stars while avoiding mines. Accumulating stars leads to greater winnings, and players have the option to cash out after each successful play.

Hi-Lo is a fast-paced betting game challenging players to predict whether the upcoming card will be higher or lower. Adding an exciting twist, players must then successfully select the next three cards for an enhanced win and continue the game. Players have the option to cash out after any victory.

In Goal, players embark on a journey across the field to score a goal. The objective is to clear lines, but caution is required as each line contains a bomb. Stepping on a bomb results in a game over, but successfully clearing the field and scoring a goal leads to the grandest reward.

Superior Levels Of Entertainment!

The new approval will significantly affect the company’s position in the industry, and the future is looking bright for the brand.

Giorgi Tsutskiridze, CCO at SPRIBE, said: “SPRIBE is known for Aviator, but we also have a portfolio of Turbo Games that are just as fun to play. Having secured approval from Gaming Associates, we can now launch these titles with our operator partners in Romania and Italy, as well as all Malta markets. This will allow our partners to stand out from their rivals through next-generation content that appeals to an important but difficult-to-engage audience. Ultimately, our games offer superior levels of entertainment, and we can’t wait to see players in Romania and Italy experience Mines, Hi-Lo, and Goal for the first time.”


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