The Guardian Media Group announced a global ban on gambling advertising

By | June 20, 2023

the_guardian_mediaThe Guardian Media Group, a popular British mass media company, announced a total ban on advertising gambling activities!

The reason for the global ban on gambling advertising is that the company believes that it is unethical to take money for such services that can raise addiction and financial problems.

Anna Bateson, who is the chief executive of Guardian Media Group gave a few words: “Guardian journalists have reported on the devastating impact of the gambling industry in the UK and Australia, helping to shift the dial and ensure the issue remains high on the public agenda. Studies highlight a clear correlation between exposure to gambling advertising and increased intentions to engage in regular gambling.”

Her biggest concern is that gambling houses target individual players and lure them back into these activities which can cause them problems.

She added: “Ultimately, we believe that our primary obligation is to do the right thing for our readers, which is why we’ve decided that there are other ways to generate revenue,” she said.

This ban covers all forms and shapes of gambling advertising such as promos for sports betting, online casino as well as scratch cards. All the company’s media operations will follow the same path, including The Guardian, The Guardian Weekly and The Observer.

However, the ban does not apply to Lottery advertising since the company believes that it can have some social benefits.

This is not the first ban by The Guardian

The company already put a ban on adverts from fossil fuel companies, which has been in effect since 2020.

The decision encouraged the rapid development of online casinos since the casino operators often sped a large amount of money on advertisements that lure new members as well on the adverts that aim existing ones.

In addition, betting companies have a lot of influence on media outlets, which largely depend on money from casino advertisements.

Guardian Media Group, on the other hand, relies on its readers. Bateson added: “We are able to make these types of decisions due to our independent ownership structure, balancing purpose and profit.”

“We understand and respect that millions of our readers, including our reporters and staff, are passionate sports fans who may occasionally choose to engage in gambling as part of their sporting experience. It is a matter of personal freedom, and we have no issue with that.

“We fully support the enjoyment of sports and respect individuals’ choices to participate in occasional gambling on football, horse racing, or any other sport. Our concern lies with the pervasive nature of retargeted digital advertisements that trap a portion of sports fans in an addictive cycle.” – Anna Bateson concluded.


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