Zitro Makes Croatia Debut with Luckia Agreement!

By | March 13, 2023

zitro-arrives-in-croatiaZitro has so far secured one of the leading positions among the best casino software developers, and it’s got more exciting news to share on this topic!

The company expanded drastically and left its footprint across several key markets, including France, and now it takes another important step, thanks to whom it will enter another major market and strengthen its presence in Europe!

Do you want to hear more about the latest news? Let’s get into it…

Fantastic Move!

Zitro announced that it has signed a major distribution agreement with a well-established operator, Luckia, that will see it leaving its mark in Croatia.

Based on the announcement, Zitro will supply its new partnership with a wide range of premium online casino content from its online slot collection, which is one of the most popular in the industry!

This means that players from Croatia will now have an exclusive opportunity to guarantee an unforgettable iGaming experience and unlimited fun thanks to engaging features and dynamic gameplay!

Major Move!

The new deal marks a major milestone for both parties, especially for Zitro who drastically expanded its business roots in Europe.

Pedro Rodríguez, Country Manager at Luckia, said:”Link King and Link Me are truly amazing products, both for players and for us as operators. It is certainly a very attractive option to diversify the full range of games that we at Casino Zagreb make available to our customers.”

Jaime Aníbal, from Zitro, also added:“We are delighted to be able to offer some of our greatest hits in Croatia for the first time with Luckia and we are very grateful to them for betting on our products, also outside our borders. We are fully confident that Link King and Link Me will succeed in Croatia just as they are succeeding worldwide.”

This is just one more of the company’s major deals, and it was preceded by an agreement with the Boldt Group.


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