2024 Predictions: A Deep Dive with Jonathan Power, MD of Voxbet, into the Future of Tech and Gaming

By | January 2, 2024


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, 2024 stands on the brink of groundbreaking advancements. Join us as we explore the future through the insightful lens of Jonathan Power, Managing Director of Voxbet, who brings a wealth of knowledge and foresight into the emerging trends and technologies set to redefine the tech and gaming industries. This exclusive interview delves into Power’s predictions for 2024, offering a glimpse into what’s next in this dynamic sector.

Voice betting and navigation for sportsbooks

2024 will be the year the penny drops that sportsbooks need to be as easy to use as everything else. A sportsbook now has as many things to bet on as the internet had websites back when Google first showed everyone how much easier it would be to just type what you want, rather than navigate Yahoo’s menus. “Why wasn’t it always this easy,” will be the question asked in gambling’s own lane of ecommerce before 2024 ends.

Then, with a bet-mic potentially on every sportsbook, what will happen subsequently with the real estate this frees up? Everything. We will finally see differentiation in our industry as operators put their creative talents to work in using this space in a way that best engages their audience. Finally, my sportsbook and your sportsbook will be as different as my Spotify is from your Spotify. At Voxbet, we can’t wait to see the results, as we help accelerate this near-future for the sector.

Legitimate machine-learning techniques and AI advance

Voice does one thing for the customer: it simplifies their journey. However, it does something more profound for the operator: it frees space for personalisation. How that space is filled will be determined through the use of AI. They’ve had the data for over a decade. They’ve had the tools for almost as long. They’ve only lacked the space. A Google-style sportsbook interface creates this space and AI will populate it with tailored UI which truly recognises and understands your customer from the log-in, with an ensuing frictionless personalised journey is now an attainable reality.

BetBuilder & multiples (including in-play) in the ascendant

Single-game parlays (SGPs), or BetBuilders as we know them on this side of the pond, have quickly manifested their presence in the US already where margins have almost doubled. There’s a clue to the gap in the market with them, though – hardly any are in-play. As an operator’s most profitable product, more must be invested in making them easier to place. Then this rising tide will also lift all the in-play boats.

BetBuilders are the fun bet of a generation. And this generation already use voice technology every day. Voice can take the BetBuilder and request-a-bet model to another level of convenience and popularity. Accordingly, speaking a BetBuilder will be the breakthrough product of 2024.

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