All-in Global presents the first customized AI translation engine developed specifically for the iGaming industry: CRAIG.

By | February 5, 2024
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All-in Global, the leading language service provider in the iGaming industry, is known for its innovative solutions and successful combination of AI technologies with human expertise. The company launched the first iGaming-dedicated translation engine in 2020. In February 2024, they took a leap forward with CRAIG, a self-service tool for customized iGaming translations.

CRAIG is a dynamically learning engine that adapts to each client’s unique requirements and specific terminology, delivering instant and customized translations of iGaming content in more than 30 languages.

CRAIG provides self-service access to seamless translations 24/7/365. Clients have the flexibility to choose the content that undergoes post-editing by world-class human iGaming linguists, and as an AI model, CRAIG continuously improves with each review.

Offering a range of subscription plans at a fixed monthly price, CRAIG packages include maintenance, support, and an option for unlimited translations, providing flexible and cost-effective services.

“All-in Global maintains its tradition of seeking innovative solutions to evolve our services. What sets CRAIG apart is that it was specifically trained by world-class iGaming linguists. Combined with our 15 years of industry experience, this resulted in a remarkable 19% improvement in quality compared to generic machine translations. I can confidently say that this release is highly anticipated in the industry and will significantly simplify the lives of our customers”, – says Tiago Aprigio, CEO of All-in Global.


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