Allwyn Completes Rebranding from Sazka

By | May 30, 2022
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Lottery operator Allwyn – formerly Sazka Group – has changed the legal names of four of its companies to align with its rebranding.

Sazka rebranded to Allwyn in December 2021, to reflect its shift in focus from lottery operations to a global gaming business.

Sazka Entertainment AG will now be known as Allwyn AG, while Sazka Group will be known as Allwyn International.

The names of Allwyn International’s subsidiaries, which operate across Europe, have not changed.

Two of the operator’s service companies – Sazka Group CZ and Sazka Group UK Limited – have been renamed to Allwyn Services Czech Republic and Allwyn Services UK Ltd respectively.

Allwyn stressed that just the legal names have changed and the ownership structure remains the same.

“We have decided to rename our key entities’ legal names to align with our new Allwyn brand. Our games will continue to be offered under the iconic local brands which our customers love,” Robert Chvátal, CEO of Allwyn, said.

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