Amid Delta Variant, Will Las Vegas Close Again?

By | August 5, 2021

Here we go again?! Could it really happen twice? Could Las Vegas close a second time due to the pandemic?

Just a week ago we learned that face masks would one again be required for employees in Las Vegas. Now comes word that Nevada is following the CDC guidelines, meaning that everyone will have to mask up when visiting Sin City… that includes tourists… regardless of their vaccination status.

An emergency directive from the Governor of Nevada finds the state implementing the Centers for Disease Control recommendations on face masks. That means all Las Vegas tourists are required to mask-up indoors, even if they have been vaccinated. So far, there has been no talk of bringing back any social distancing or casino capacity limits. However, there was no talk of a face mask mandate for tourists last week, so take it for what it’s worth.

With that in mind, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that we could see Las Vegas close again. Some places are even issuing Las Vegas travel warnings, calling the city a Covid hot spot and urging their people to avoid the city at all costs. As the Delta variant spreads through Sin City, some casino workers who have not been vaccinated yet will now be required to pay for their weekly Covid testing.

MGM workers who remain unvaccinated will now have to fork over $15 every week to ensure they are Covid free. Those who test positive will have to quarantine. And those who test positive who did not get a vaccination will also have to quarantine, but without pay.


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