An Intro to iGaming Fraud 101

By | June 28, 2024
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By Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-founder, SEON

The shift to digital has fundamentally transformed the gambling world, welcoming us to the exciting era of iGaming. But, as much as we love the ease and reach of online platforms, they come with their own set of headaches, especially when it comes to keeping things safe from the prying eyes of fraudsters and bad actors.

In this article, we take a closer look at the risks lurking in the iGaming industry to see how they could mess with businesses, and chat about why end-to-end fraud prevention is like having a good bouncer at the door of your online casino.


Dealing with iGaming Fraud

iGaming has got a lot going for it. Unfortunately, It’s also a magnet for some unhelpful fraudsters. The front line in this ongoing battle? It’s all about getting to know your customers (KYC) and keeping money laundering (AML) at bay with some solid protocols. These aren’t just red tape; they’re your tickets to staying on the right side of the law, keeping your players safe, and holding onto your hard-earned reputation in an industry that’s often scrutinized.

Ultimately, if you think skimping on these regulations is a minor risk, think again. Getting lax here can hit iGaming operators with everything from eye-watering fines and the nightmare of losing licenses to taking a serious hit on their street cred. And let’s not forget the players – pile on too much paperwork, and they’ll head for the hills, leading to a revolving door of new users that never stick around.


Common Types of iGaming Fraud

Like many problems, getting on top of iGaming fraud first necessitates an understanding of the problem and its main forms. Below is a list of some of the main types of activities that we’re seeing affect those in the sector:

  • Bonus Abuse: The exploitation of promotional offers through the creation of multiple fake accounts is a prevalent issue. While bonuses are effective in attracting new players, without proper restrictions, they can result in significant financial losses.
  • Affiliate Fraud: Unethical third parties may employ deceptive methods, such as using stolen data or creating misleading domains, to siphon off profits illegitimately.
  • Gnoming: A concept that involves the manipulation of games or promotions using multiple accounts controlled by a single individual.
  • Chip Dumping: A tactic used in online poker where players collude to transfer funds under the guise of legitimate gameplay.

If not prevented, fraud won’t only impact the financial bottom line. It also has the potential to erode trust and could lead to regulatory scrutiny. Thankfully, the good news is that there are now highly effective fraud prevention solutions on offer to prevent them. As such, the task for iGaming operators is to ensure these solutions are onboarded and operational as quickly as possible.


Preventing iGaming Fraud and Staying Ahead of Compliance Requirements

In response to these challenges, end-to-end fraud prevention companies can offer a comprehensive suite of anti-fraud solutions tailored to the unique needs of the iGaming sector. Multi-faceted in their design, these solutions can help to reduce instances of fraud across the sector. More importantly, these solutions are allowing iGaming companies to find that sweet spot between following the rules and retaining slick consumer experiences.

While they don’t all work the same, there are a few key things to look out for when evaluating the effectiveness of modern fraud prevention solutions:

  • AML Screening: Utilizing an advanced API, some modern fraud prevention solutions can facilitate both manual and automated screenings against global watchlists, enhancing regulatory compliance and risk management.
  • Pre-KYC Checks: It’s important to find technologies that enable the early detection of potential fraudsters through device fingerprinting, IP analysis, and digital footprinting, thereby minimizing user friction and optimizing the KYC process.
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring: Fraud can happen in a split second, so having real-time transaction monitoring is a huge benefit for iGaming businesses. By flagging suspicious transactions and behaviour in real-time, solutions of this nature can ensure prompt action to mitigate risks.
  • Customizable Rules for iGaming: Everyone knows their own risk tolerances. A versatile rule engine can allow operators to implement both predefined and custom rules based on their specific business insights and observed user behaviour.
  • Machine Learning: Leveraging AI-driven machine learning, solutions like SEON continuously refine and suggest new rules, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of fraud prevention measures over time.


 Fighting Fraud Earlier and More Effectively

When it comes to fortifying iGaming platforms against fraud, embracing comprehensive fraud prevention solutions is a game-changer for operators. These solutions play a pivotal role in not just warding off prevalent fraud risks but also in bolstering compliance efforts. Moving forward, this enhanced focus on security will enable the iGaming sector to craft a safer and more reliable space for users, significantly boosting trust and satisfaction.

With the industry on an exciting growth trajectory, leveraging advanced fraud prevention tactics is crucial for its enduring success and integrity. Incorporating technologies like SEON, which specialize in identifying and mitigating fraud early in the customer journey, can make a world of difference. Early detection is key to preventing fraudsters from causing damage, enabling companies to intercept suspicious activities before they escalate.

Ultimately, this proactive approach not only safeguards the platform and its users but also streamlines compliance processes, reducing the friction and inefficiencies that can arise from dealing with fraud incidents after they’ve occurred. In an industry where reputation and user confidence are paramount, the ability to pre-empt and neutralize threats through such advanced solutions is invaluable.

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