An upward curve: How Altenar will continue to be an industry leader in 2024

By | January 29, 2024
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Following a landmark 2023, hopes are high that Altenar will continue to make waves across the globe with its cutting-edge solution. New and established territories are on the company’s radar and we caught up with Altenar’s Commercial Director, Charlie Williams, on how the supplier can ensure its continues on the right trajectory.


Altenar enters 2024 off the back of a hugely successful 2023. What will you be looking to implement further this year? 

After a highly successful year of growth, our business forecast looks to continue trending upward at a fast pace in 2024. In 2023, we partnered with 19 new operators, representing a healthy mix of established brands and exciting start-ups with the right brains and solid funding backing them. Our product is on a path that puts us on the front foot to meet the needs of our partners into the future. Our roadmap for 2024 is aggressive, and we are delivering more functionality and continuously increasing the sporting events we offer.

This year, Altenar will build on 2023, strengthening our partnerships in Brazil, Mexico, India, Canada, and the US. In these markets, we will continue to work closely with regulators and operators to ensure we are providing a unique sportsbook solution that delivers within the legislative framework. The Balkans proved to be a very penetrable market for us, and we are optimistic about the opportunities we are pursuing in Scandinavia and certain regions of Asia and Africa.

In terms of our product, the player journey remains a focal point for us. Providing a personalised player experience is vital. We want to ensure the tools operators have in our back office are enabling a superior front end user experience for each bettor.

Finally, we will soon be welcoming an industry veteran to our commercial team as Sales Director, bolstering Altenar’s industry expertise, credibility, and global reach, so we have exciting times ahead across all facets of the business.


What role will Altenar’s Player Account Management (PAM) system play in the upcoming year and how will this fit into your wider offering?

We are strengthening our Altenar Gaming Platform (AGP) team, doubling the investment and resources across this business unit. Development and product wise, we are getting ready to market it to a very niche audience, enabling them to run a Turnkey Sportsbook operation in a matter of weeks. We have integrations across the iGaming ecosystem from Affiliate and Compliance to CRM and Loyalty, along with tens of thousands of Casino and Live Casino games, so plenty of work will be done on our PAM system over the next 12 months.


What will success look like for Altenar in the coming year?

We are poised for another wave of significant growth and we will continue to optimise our commercial operations by continuously improving the business roadmap and its primary objective of delivering value to all our partners. Overall, there will be improved efficiency through the retooling of our internal applications that we use to provide a top calibre service to our clients. Better efficiency will enable us to service more clients as we look to onboard an aggressive amount of new brands. We are improving our communication and transparency to help drive a winning formula for all Altenar stakeholders. In the words of John F. Kennedy, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ and that is what we are looking forward to this year.

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